Friday, April 16, 2021
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Documents show that Supplement Affair may have started years earlier | NOW

The controversial approach of the tax authorities, known as the benefits affair, started much earlier than previously thought, reports RTL News Friday based on confidential documents from the tax authorities.

The scandal surrounding childcare benefits duped thousands of parents because the tax authorities wrongly saw them as fraudsters. This drama was played since 2013. From pieces that RTL News However, it would appear that fifteen years ago civil servants did not comply with the law when reclaiming benefits.

The medium has discovered that a work instruction from the tax authorities from 2006 already speaks about “treating people differently” when fraud is suspected. These people would have ended up on a so-called “exclusion list”, on which the supplements would have been stopped.

That this act happened on a large scale at the time, according to RTL News from work instructions entitled “en masse”.

In addition, people who were once on an exclusion list would also have been treated as fraudsters in the following years. Officials would have themselves determined who fell into the “high risk” category and had to be subject to stricter controls.

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The officials therefore also referred to themselves as “the judges”, according to one of the documents.

‘Term judges with knowledge of today a somewhat unfortunate term’

The tax authorities leave in a response RTL News know that it was “logical” to manually check whether people were potentially fraudulent. The policy was aimed at preventing errors in applications or changes to benefits.

In the end, the tax authorities say they have not continued with this method of risk selection. Furthermore, the Tax and Customs Administration calls the term ‘judges’ “with the knowledge of today” a “somewhat unfortunate designation”.

Last year a hard report was published on the benefits affair. That led to the fall of the cabinet on January 15. A compensation scheme has been set up for the duped parents.



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