Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home World Dominance culture in the police: Marked the fat

Dominance culture in the police: Marked the fat

A lack of error culture and domination behavior have a long tradition in the police. It’s sad and dangerous.

Oh, so many people at once. Should you alert the police helicopter? Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt / dpa

HAMBURG taz | From the series of scandals by the police, the chase of a youth in Jenischpark does not particularly stand out. It is true that the scenes on the video, in which a police car races after an adolescent because he did not comply with the rules of distance, are reminiscent of a bad action film.

With their excessive zeal, the officers have endangered colleagues and bystanders. However, one is used to a lot from the police. It is also not surprising that she monitors compliance with the corona rules with the helicopter, as long as she does not do it with the tank.

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But the problem is the culture behind it. The urge to mark the thick and to be superior in every situation leaves little scope for situational considerations and precise differentiation. It means always tending to hit it, first step on the gas, first push someone away before the impression could arise that a police officer is hesitant. Hesitation does not fit in with the hyper-masculine cop culture.

Dangerous for citizens

Unfortunately, this also includes an extremely weak culture of error, which manifests itself in the police statement on the chase. Instead of admitting mistakes, it is the highest of emotions to admit that “the use of the vehicle in the video images (…) gives the impression that there may have been a danger to outside people”. Is there anything more complicated?

The lack of a culture of error and the all the more pronounced culture of dominance, which also includes presenting water cannons, cavalry squadrons and clearing tanks at every opportunity, has a long tradition and is particularly pronounced in Hamburg. For those who do not know otherwise how to gain respect, this is sad, for people who face the police in dynamic situations, it is dangerous.

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