Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home World Donations to civilian children and the elderly Hungarian Nation

Donations to civilian children and the elderly Hungarian Nation

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On Thursday, civilians brought donations to children and the elderly, practically cooking machines, to the settlements of Fehérvár, Enying and Sárbogárd – writes the Fejér county news portal, FEOL.

Since 2016, the Civil Co-operation and the Association of Hungarian Women’s Interests have been organizing public roundtable discussions on modern children’s catering and the possibilities of local producers to supply them with public food, together with a food presentation. The four-season collection of recipes developed by the consortium as a professional background material related to the canteen reform initiated by the government, which resulted in the improvement of the quality of child and public catering, has already been presented at the meetings.


It was also emphasized in Lepsény: a healthy lifestyle is important. Mayor Béla Salamon in front
Photo: Norbert Nagy / Fejér County Newspaper

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It is important that child and public catering is based on the highest possible proportion of local ingredients produced by local farmers, thus helping to promote the consumption of healthy food and the situation of rural farmers, Norbert Heizler, National Coordinator of Civil Co-operation and Kinga Szőnyi, told us. President of the Association of Hungarian Women.

The mission was complemented by the donation of vending machines, courtesy of private donors, which is already being carried out nationwide due to the high level of interest, thus providing a means to increase the sustainability of small communities. Machines suitable for cooking and drinking jam have already been donated to large families, small businesses, non-governmental organizations, social institutions and children’s catering kitchens.


The handover series began in Jeno
Photo: Gábor Fehér / Fejér County Newspaper

The donations were handed over on Thursday in Jenő by Norbert Heizler, Kinga Szőnyi and Gábor Törő, the parliamentary representative of the region to the local Seven-Mile Kindergarten and Szélszirom Club, and the Csemetekert Kindergarten in Kőszárhegy. Ildikó Kerekes and Péter Borján, the mayors of Jenő and Kőszárhegy took part in the handover.

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Featured image: Gábor Fehér / Fejér County Newspaper

A mask donation arrives in Transylvania and Transcarpathia

One hundred and fifty million forints worth of masks are donated to Hungarian schools in Transylvania. The St. Francis of Deva Foundation, founded by the Franciscan monk Csaba Böjte, was approached by a Hungarian infrastructure design company with a long history of wanting to support hard-working people living in Transylvania and Transcarpathia, said Tamás Vásárhelyi, chairman of the St. Francis Foundation’s board of trustees.

Vásárhelyi said that the donating company offered more than 290 thousand FFP masks, of which 260 thousand went to Hungarian educational institutions in Transylvania, and thirty thousand went to Transcarpathia.

Asked by our newspaper, the chairman of the board of trustees said that even during Covid-19, Csaba Böjte’s children’s homes in Transylvania were regularly supported: thermometers, masks and fruit were regularly delivered to the children. They regularly cooperate with the Association of Hungarian Teachers in Romania, previously the foundation raised more than one hundred million forints to open a Csango school.




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