Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home World "Door-to-door vaccines, from schools to factories"

“Door-to-door vaccines, from schools to factories”

“We will take the vaccines door to door, from schools to factories.” To say this, in an interview with the Messenger, is General Luciano Portolano, commander of the Coi (Joint Chief Operating Officer) at the head of the anti-Covid military task force wanted by the Draghi government, explaining that “we are ready to move anywhere”.

“We went to the RSA, to civilian hospitals. And at the request of the Ministry of Health, we could also support vaccination activities in schools, offices and where it will be necessary throughout the national territory, compatibly with the resources available “, explains the general, adding that” we are in the same and will continue to be engaged in the reception, storage, conservation and distribution of vaccines in the central hub of Pratica di Mare “. As for the personnel, in the field there is “a daily average of 1,700 soldiers, about 500 doctors and 800-900 nurses, as well as personnel in charge of security and logistical support”. To this are added “over 250 vehicles of various types, 80 aircraft, including airplanes and helicopters”, as well as “10 permanent and 2 mobile biomolecular laboratories”.

In concrete terms, door-to-door vaccination could take place by transforming Drive throughs into mobile vaccination units. However, the fixed centers in Rome Cecchignola and Milan will remain.

Portolano, engaged in operations in Lebanon, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, states that “I always like to tell my collaborators in operation that I like to surprise, I absolutely don’t like receiving them. Unfortunately, Covid surprises you in any circumstance, because it is an invisible enemy “.

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