Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Dozens of flags support the beleaguered homosexual minister on IJburg | NOW

Dozens of rainbow flags decorate the streets of IJburg in Amsterdam. They are an expression of support for the openly gay pastor Alexander Noordijk of the De Binnewaai church community. Last month he was threatened for the umpteenth time by loitering youths from the neighborhood.

After the last threat in mid-February, the time was full for local resident Jikke Reiber. She started an action together with Noordijk by handing out posters and rainbow flags.
There is also a row of flags in Theo van Gogh Park.

The pastor has been harassed for a long time. It started in 2018 when he caught young people trying to place a firework bomb near his house. Last year boys threw stones at him and two weeks ago he was threatened again, but fortunately since the poster and flag campaign it has been quiet.

Noordijk: “The enormous support of the IJburg district communes me well. And also the support of the people who say:” We support you. “But it also has a broader goal: We must be able to continue to celebrate diversity here at IJburg. everyone can be themselves, so whatever color, race or religion you follow, it’s okay who you are. “

Reiber is satisfied with her action. Talks have already taken place with the young people who attacked Noordijk. “And there will be more talks,” she says. “We are working to get all parties together. We want to tackle the problem of having too little respect for each other from all sides.”

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