Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Drawing for the 2021 Menpora Cup Group Phase will be held on March 8 – President Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru (PT LIB), Akhmad Hadian Lukita, revealed that the group stage draw for the 2021 Menpora Cup pre-season tournament will be held on March 8.

Citing the official website of PT LIB, the schedule has been submitted by PT LIB in a letter numbered 004 / LIB-COR / III / 2021 which was sent to the management of Liga 1 clubs.

“That the drawing of the 2021 Menpora Cup group division will be carried out openly, but several things still consider what is the input and the result of the consultation with the National Police Headquarters,” Akhmad wrote in the letter.

PT LIB also stated that other matters that still need to be discussed regarding the technicalities of the competition will be discussed in a manager’s meeting which will also be held on March 8, 2021.

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Regarding the 2021 Menpora Cup, PSSI Chairperson Mochamad Iriawan emphasized that his party and PT LIB will do everything in their power to make the tournament really run by implementing a good health protocol for preventing COVID-19.

Iriawan also asked all parties to support this so that the National Police gave permission for the crowd for League 1 and League 2 for the 2021 season.

“I also respectfully ask the supporters not to hold a nobar (watching together) because all of this will be evaluated by the police,” said Iriawan.

The 2021 Menpora Cup, which takes place on March 21 – April 25, will be followed by 18 League 1 teams.

There are four regions that host the group stage, namely Bandung, Sleman, Solo and Malang.

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In accordance with the agreement of the National Police, Kemenpora, PSSI and LIB, the 2021 Menpora Cup must be implemented under a strict COVID-19 prevention health protocol.



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