Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Drecun told Lajcak: We will not even think about mutual recognition

M. Karović

The president of the parliamentary committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun, stated that the EU special envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Miroslav Lajcak, should “repeat a thousand times that there is no progress until the Union of Serbian Municipalities is formed.”

Drecun said that in conducting the dialogue, Lajcak must not allow Pristina to abuse the negotiations, which, he says, are not status-based, and do not lead to seeking mutual recognition.

– Not that we will not talk, but we will not even think about mutual recognition – he pointed out.

He stated that the geopolitical situation is such that even those who can blackmail Serbia must think about where to direct the country.

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– Our views are clear, there is nothing for Lajcak to come to us and speak or bring a non-paper. Well non-paper was written by Biden when he sent us a congratulations for Statehood Day. When he said that he congratulated us, and asked us to recognize Kosovo. Will we agree to that? Well, we won’t – said Drecun.

He also pointed out that he did not expect rapid progress or progress in the dialogue, due to Pristina, and said that Lajcak’s optimism was not justified.

Speaking about the trial for KLA crimes, Drecun said that it was important that an indictment was filed against the top of the KLA, including Hashim Thaci.

– The prosecution has a lot of evidence, I expect that there will be an indictment against Ramush Haradinaj as well – he said.

He also stated that Pristina plans to allocate 20 million euros in order to defend the top of the KLA, and that Serbia must respond to that.



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