Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Dropped Again, JCI was closed by 1.41 percent ambles

Dropped Again, JCI was closed by 1.41 percent ambles – The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) at the close of trading this afternoon, Wednesday (31/3/2021), was closed again in the red zone. JCI ended trading with a fall of 85 basis points or the equivalent of 1.41 percent to the level of 5,985.

JCI is seen moving from the upper limit at the level of 6,066 to the lower limit at the level of 5,892, after opening at the level of 6,062.

Investors made transactions totaling 1,067,545 times valued at IDR 12,165 trillion.

In the regular market there were transactions worth Rp. 11,361 trillion and in the negotiated market transactions valued at Rp. 803 billion.

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On the foreign investors side, it was recorded that buying action amounted to Rp3,740 trillion and selling action amounted to Rp4,851 trillion so that foreign investors recorded a net sell of Rp1,111 trillion.

In more detail, IDX trade data states that of the 10 sectoral indices, 9 sectors have dragged the JCI to the red zone.

The weakening sectors, among others: the Agri sector 1.77 percent, the Miscellaneous Industry sector 1.81 percent, the Basic Industry sector 2.76 percent, the Consumer sector 0.05 percent, the manufacturing sector 1.34 percent, the mining sector 1.10 percent , the property sector 0.59 percent, the trade sector 0.70 percent, and the banking sector corrected 2.28 percent.

Meanwhile, the sector that was still strong was the infrastructure sector, up 0.28 percent.

Stocks that are top gainers, including PKPK, which rose 17 points or strengthened 27.86 percent to the level of 78.

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Followed by ZYRX which rose 78 points or rose 25 percent to the level 390. APEX strengthened 25 percent or increased 123 points to the level of 615. SNLK strengthened 24.6 percent or rose 62 points to the level of 314. IDPR strengthened 24.10 percent or increased 54 points to level 278.

Stocks classified as top lossers, including FORU, fell 14 points or fell 7, percent to as low as 186.

LMSH weakened 6.98 percent or corrected 26 points to the level of 246. CAKK corrected 6 points or fell 6.97 percent to the 80 level. PURE was cut by 8 points or weakened 6.95 percent to the level of 107. AGRS fell 30 points or fell 6, 94 percent to the 402 level.



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