Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Duty Free Shop Partners Hit by Corona Direct Hit… Government, support Namola

Looking at the damage situation

71% of the average sales of 127 locations last year fell
More than half of 1568 workers were unemployed.
Once you withdraw, it is difficult to re-enter the store.
Continue to cry and eat mustard deficit

Concentration of duty-free shops such as government-supported rent reduction
Call for help from companies standing at the crossroads of survival

The duty-free area of ​​Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 is showing a sloppy appearance. Newsis

CEO Ahn Sang-yong, who has been running a company that sells fashion and accessory products in a domestic duty-free shop for eight years, has been making a deficit of over 1 billion won in labor costs since Corona 19. This is because the departure route for both domestic and foreigners is blocked, and sales of last year fell to a tenth level compared to 2019. CEO Ahn said, “Because the duty-free shop business depends on tourists, it was difficult during the MERS (MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2015 and the THAAD (high-altitude missile defense system) crisis in 2017, but not as much as it is now.” I’m looking forward to the end, and I’m running a store so far, and I’m also maintaining employment as much as possible, but I don’t know how much longer I can withstand,” he sighed.

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Duty-free store partners (agents), which employ most of the domestic duty-free store salespeople, are in the blind spot of supporting corona19-damaged industries.

According to the Emergency Countermeasure Committee for the Survival of Duty-Free Shop Partners on the 8th, the average sales of the 127 companies they recently sampled decreased by 70.9% last year.

Based on the 2019 duty-free store sales (KRW 5 trillion), if we estimate the sales damage of all duty-free store partners, the amount of sales decline is expected to reach trillions.

The reduction rate of workers was 57.4%, with more than half of the 3683 people employed at the companies surveyed, 1568 unemployed.

Duty-free shop partners are companies that supply and sell products to duty-free shops, and there are hundreds of locations across the country. This includes companies that provide services related to product sales, such as interiors of duty-free shops.

Most of the products are sold through these companies, excluding some luxury goods and products from large companies, and most of the duty-free store salespeople are also employed by these companies. Sales of these companies fell sharply due to Corona 19, but expenses such as labor, inventory processing, and office operating expenses continue to occur. This is because even though operation is difficult due to the nature of partner companies, it is difficult to re-enter the store once the store is withdrawn.

The government is implementing support policies such as reduction of airport rental fees and permitting the sale of domestic customs clearance products for the duty-free industry, a representative corona19-damaged industry. However, although these policies are helpful to those who operate the duty-free business of large corporations, they do not apply to most suppliers.

It is pointed out that the employment maintenance subsidy for job security is also far from reality because there should be no layoffs and it is a condition for the employee to take a leave of absence. An official at a duty-free shop partner said, “As a duty-free shop salesperson is a field worker who has to go out and sell even if an order is received, it is impossible to leave work while maintaining employment like other industries.”

The Emergency Countermeasure Committee said, “Duty-free shop partners actually operate stores in duty-free shops nationwide, bear inventory, and hire sales staff, but it is regrettable that there is no balanced policy to help.” The government needs immediate support to survive.”

Reporter Baek So-yong [email protected]

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