Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home World Early 'odd' with Janna | Daily Metro

Early ‘odd’ with Janna | Daily Metro

TALENT actor of mixed Malay-Switzerland this needs no further introduction. Its presence in the local drama gives new colors especially for the hero that had been dominated by the Malay-faced actor.

Although the story of her relationship with the actress, Janna Nick is often the focus, Dini Azan Schatzmann managed to prove her presence in the world of acting is still equipped with talent.

From one copy to another, Dini’s performance, 27, deserves praise. The improvement shown makes Dini among the actors who will continue to be adored by many.

The proof, Dini’s acting through the drama Marry Me Senorita which is shown on the Astro Ria channel makes many women ‘melt’ and look forward to her appearance in every episode.

Interestingly, in the drama, Dini acted alongside her beloved lover, Janna, both of whom played the main character as a married couple.

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According to Dini, their coupling gave her another new experience.

“The experience of acting with Mary, quite difficult because of the different nature and character of our real self. Whatever, Janna is very professional in the shooting location. I learned a lot with him in terms of mastering the Malay language and acting.

“Actually, when acting together it is awkward because of the different characters outside and inside the set. In fact, it becomes more challenging because Janna is more aggressive on location,” he said.

Despite acting with her own lover, Dini admits that it is not an excuse to take lightly the character played by Isa Alejandro.

In fact, Dini said, the character is difficult to succeed because it is different from his real character.

“Honestly, this character is difficult for me. Because Isa Alejandro’s character is very different from my true personality. At the same time, I am still new in the field of acting and really need to learn a lot more.

“If after this there is an offer for us to act together again, I’m okay. This is because I am comfortable working with Janna. After all, she is a good actress and taught me a lot,” he said.

DINI and Janna act as husband and wife.

At the same time, Dini admits that she cannot escape being overshadowed by Janna’s popularity.

“Undeniably, Janna is the reason for this. But, of course I want to be better known because of myself. In fact, I am confident to stand by my own name,” he said.

Affected by ‘attack’ tempias

In another development, Dini commented on the commotion and controversy associated with her lover.

The issue of a re-broadcast video claiming Janna mocked the death of a Korean singer and the title BlackPig to a member of the Korean group, BLACKPINK sparked public debate.

However, the matter calmed down after Janna took the approach of apologizing apart from wanting to drag some individuals who slandered her in the issue.

Asked by Dini, he said he was also affected by the netizen ‘attack’ tempias.

“There are a few, but it does not affect my career,” he said.

According to Dini, as a lover, she gave many words of encouragement to Janna throughout the issue.

“I always tell Janna that she has a very good heart. She is also a strong and successful woman. So, there is no need to be impressed with this issue,” he said.



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