Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Easter justice – Isabel Stilwell

The betting centers must be teeming with activity, even more than the bees around the wisteria on my porch. The bets must even be multiple choice, or Operation Marquis did not involve 28 defendants and hundreds of crimes. However, the most sought after will undoubtedly be those that revolve around José Sócrates: he will or will not go to trial and, if so, accused of what crimes – as there are 31, there is a lot to choose from.

However, in the comments of televisions and newspapers, the hosts are divided, and the adherents of one judge and the other (fortunately there are only two) reveal directly the little confidence they have in the impartiality of the magistrates – in the rival, of course, but from the top of their pulpits, they seem to share a certainty: if the former prime minister is not formally accused of the crime of corruption for which the prosecutor has indicted him, the people will rise in fury, seeing their empirical certainty confirmed. that, and I quote, “the rich and the powerful always get away”, and “justice does not apply to politicians”. They even foresee a Maria da Fonte. Extensible, of course, to other, more resonant names, especially Ricardo Salgado.

In this case, the outcome of this process is indifferent, what makes me skin of chicken is the haughtiness with which they presume the inability of public opinion to be capable – in this process or in any other – of an objective assessment of facts and evidence. The impudence with which he proposes cowardice to Pôncio Pilatos, as if in cases involving “politicians, rich or powerful” it would be preferable to crucify innocents rather than risk the supposed discredit of justice – no matter how much it falls into this Easter season.

I understand that it is not easy to ask people to use their heads in these media cases. After years of watching the “evidence” parade, recorded conversations, reports explaining the modus operandi of the coup, images of bank statements and proof of transfers, photographs of airline tickets and hotel reservations, we feel all of us more than capable not only of accusing, but also of judging and condemning, Homessa! When they tell us that the shift judge does not see what comes in through our eyes, we get angry. And we all know how deep convictions are hard to shake.

The problem is that it is not only the great footage of Operation Marquis that appears on our screens. Every week there is a new film, with protagonists of politics, banking or the ball. And the proceedings not only drag on for an eternity, giving the impression that the suspects / defendants / accused have put sand in the cog, but many of the accusations go nowhere and the alleged criminals leave the trial on their own foot, reinforcing the idea of that whoever has a good lawyer invariably escapes through the loop of the law. Even when someone hypothesizes that the Public Ministry contributes to this feeling of impunity, living peacefully with constant leaks of information to the newspapers and eventually insufficiently supporting the accusations, he is immediately pointing out as being on the side of the bandits.

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Well, I have no idea how this mess is corrected, and the “bad ones” are put in jail, leaving the “good ones” out, but if it is not to change anything, then let there be courage in the next revision of the Penal Code if it is assumed that being political, rich or powerful is a public crime. So at least, they already knew what they were going to.

PS – Having said that, for the week I am thinking about writing about the politicians, the rich and the powerful who whine that they are only accused of being politicians, rich and powerful … n

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