Friday, March 5, 2021
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educational project has changed and presented its own platform for learning – news of Ukraine – UNIAN

Bright and bold design, a new website and even more educational activities are just a small number of events that 1 + 1 media school is loudly announcing in 2021.

On March 2, 2021, 1 + 1 media announced the rebranding of the educational project Media & Production High School. From now on the new name of the project is 1 + 1 media school. In addition, the media group presented an updated 1 + 1 media school website, which will become the main platform for communication with students and contains functionality for online learning.

“The geography of 1 + 1 media school has recently significantly expanded and gone beyond Ukraine. In 2020, we had students from Belarus, Great Britain, Poland – and this is just the beginning. With the rebranding, we are launching our own online platform, which will make the learning process even more convenient and accessible for students from all over the world. “ – commented Yuri Bilokur, head of 1 + 1 media school.

The holding announces that the number of educational events under the auspices of 1 + 1 media school will increase, and some of them will be held in a mixed format – online and offline.

“2020 and the pandemic have made adjustments to the user experience and learning. People realized that in order to gain new knowledge, you only need to connect to the Internet. We have seen from our own experience that the new way of acquiring knowledge does not affect the quality in any way, and the learning process itself becomes convenient and accessible. Therefore, the 1 + 1 media school platform will allow us to implement events of mixed format (partly online, partly based on 1 + 1 media offices and filming locations) », – tells Olga Musiyko, HR Director 1 + 1 media.

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The marketing + 1 + 1 media school visual component was developed by the marketing team of 1 + 1 TV channel, led by Natalia Vovk, Marketing Director, and Mykola Altukhov, Head of Design Department at 1 + 1 TV Channel. The author of the concept is Mykhailo Pikhota, the head of the off-air graphics direction 1 + 1.

Video about 1 + 1 media school is here.

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1 + 1 media school – an educational project 1 + 1 media, which for seven years provides quality knowledge in the field of media and TV business to students from around the world. Since 2013, the school has been actively implementing its main mission – to improve the level of Ukrainian media education and provide the market with quality staff.

During the 7 years of its existence, 1 + 1 media school graduated more than 2,700 students, 290 graduates joined 1 + 1 media and became part of the People of Ideas team, and about 400 joined the media reserve’s staffing reserve.

Speakers of 1 + 1 media school are the best specialists of 1 + 1 media, as well as leading experts of the media market of Ukraine. The most popular courses of the “school” – “Television Producer”, “Journalism”, “Host of the information program”, etc.

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