Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Educators miss the offer of systematic coronate testing

The country’s educators feel left out when it comes to offering regular corona checks at the workplace.

While school teachers may be coronated at schools, no similar setup has been made for day care institutions.

It frustrates educators calling for an offer of systematic testing at or near their workplace.

– It has been a really ugly process, because we are actually faced with the prospect that solutions should be found so that educators also have access to regular tests.

– It is important because we stand in front every day without protective equipment and must have children close by when they cry and must be comforted. Or when they have a fever and we have to call the parents, says Elisa Rimpler, president of the trade union Bupl.

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Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) mentioned at a press conference back in January that “models for testing staff in day care institutions were to be developed”.

But that promise has not been delivered, according to the educators’ chairman.

Regular testing of educators, according to the Bupl chairman, is a crucial weapon in the fight against infection.

She points out that in recent weeks there have been violent outbreaks in Kolding, Aabenraa, Randers and Faxe, among others, where infections in day care institutions have led to more than one in four infected municipalities being children under nine years of age.

In some places, according to the Bupl chairman, there have been rolling test units past day care institutions offering tests.

But according to Elisa Rimpler, this has not happened systematically.

– There are only a few of the municipalities where you have been past day care institutions now and then. And there are only a few places where it takes place systematically, she says.

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the overall test strategy.

Minister of Justice Nick Hækkerup (S) writes in a reply that the government has put itself in the saddle to create a fine-meshed network of permanent test sites.

– It must be easy for the Danes to be tested, whether you are an educator, cashier, bus driver or something completely different. Therefore, in recent weeks, the government has worked intensively to establish a fine-meshed network of permanent test sites in Denmark, which currently has 222 test sites.

When the schools have their test efforts, according to the minister, it is related to their size.

– In addition to the permanent test sites, it has been relevant to establish a separate test effort in the schools, because the schools generally have a size that makes it practically possible with municipal teams of pods in the schools.

– The municipalities can in future choose to use the same teams at other institutions, for example day care, writes Nick Hækkerup.

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