Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World Elected by acclamation, Milasari Kusumo leads FTPI

Elected by acclamation, Milasari Kusumo leads FTPI

Suara.com – The Indonesian Professional Boxing Federation (FTPI) officially appointed Milasari Kusumo Anggraini as the new chairman, which was decided by acclamation at an election ceremony that took place in Jakarta, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

Milasari, who is known as a professional Indonesian women’s boxing promoter, was asked to replace the previous chairman of the period Neneng A Tuty in the FTPI coordination meeting which was attended by representatives of the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as founders, board of advisors and observers.

“I would like to thank everyone, starting from the chairman of the previous period, the management and the supervisory board for the mandate given,” Milasari said in his remarks, quoted in the official FTPI release.

“I cannot work alone, and I hope for solid cooperation to advance professional boxing. Hopefully in the future FTPI can produce world champions from Indonesia.”

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Milasari also mentioned the need for technology to support the advancement of professional boxing in the country. His closest work program is fixing the new management which will be stipulated in the FTPI Rakernas in the near future.

“We will get closer to technology and also make various breakthroughs that exist,” he said.

“The most important thing is that all administrators must work hand in hand to raise FTPI as an organization, not with individual interests. Another hope is that there will be many promoters and pro boxing events in the country under the auspices of FTPI.”

“Another thing is to encourage FTPI to cooperate with campuses to build boxing gyms, so that Indonesian professional boxing talents can emerge who can speak and excel at the international level,” he concluded.

In the near future, FTPI is also preparing for a national scale event, including the Menpora Cup which is planned to be held in August.

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