Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology Electric pickup possibilities rise on the Volkswagen front

Electric pickup possibilities rise on the Volkswagen front

Continuing to expand its electric vehicle product range, Volkswagen began to seriously consider the pikcup move expected of it.

Volkswagen is at the center of the flash of today’s automobile agenda. With the decision taken by the American operation, the brand name was changed to “Voltswagen” and the brand’s interest in electricity was once again emphasized. An important message has recently arrived regarding a project that we have been waiting for for a long time in Volkswagen, which continues to build its product range with firm steps under the ID badge. Official sources are more serious than ever, stating that the possibilities are on the table for an electric pickup, thanks to the flexibility brought by the MEB infrastructure. The main reason is the growing demand for electric pickups, especially in America, which has the potential to create an appetizing market.

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Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak project attracted great attention

Stating that Volkswagen is not an obstacle for an electric pickup model in mass production, American Product Development and Marketing Officer Hein Schafer made remarkable statements. Stating that they can always meet the demands of the users in the expanding market, Schafer; “The MEB platform, which forms the basis of our electric vehicles, has the potential to respond to creating an electric pickup. So, this vehicle can have dynamics that can go above the middle segment. After developing new electric platforms for use in larger SUV models, I think it would not be too surprising that this will also reflect on large pickups. Step by step, our research shows that such a project is possible more and more every day.”Gave place to expressions.

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It can easily be remembered by enthusiasts that Volkswagen is not a stranger to such an exciting project. Introducing the pickup concept through Atlas Tanoak in 2018, the brand received a substantial amount of positive feedback from users. Using the internal combustion engine in the concept, Volkswagen’s mass production in electricity could also be a meaningful move. The German brand, which has made a serious partnership with Ford in the production of commercial vehicles in the past, is also shaping the new generation Amarok on the Ranger infrastructure. When we think that Ford is also working for the electric F-150, we can now talk about much more realistic possibilities for a pickup with the “VW” badge.

It may attract your attention

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