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Electronic book readers / All books in your pocket

If you can’t decide which book to pack with you on holiday, you don’t have to deal with e-readers and you can simply take them all. Just fill the reader with all the books you want, saving space in your suitcase, library or shelf. At the same time, you will always have all the books at hand. The prices of e-books, which you can buy cheaper than classic book prints, are also very advantageous. Personally, I consider the absence of the smell of a new book, which you will not feel when reading electronic books, to be a disadvantage. If you want to join the group of e-books or just want to look for a new model of e-reader, we bring you an overview of the parameters to focus on when choosing. Memory, screen, dimensions and weight, connectivity or endurance are all features you need to look at when choosing.


First of all, it should be noted that most readers use a monochrome display based on the principle of e-ink or electronic ink, so that the display resembles real books as much as possible when reading. If you want to read books even in poor lighting, we recommend models with built-in backlighting. With the backlight, you will be able to read in the evening in bed without the light on. Depending on the model, you can even adjust the brightness of the backlight so you can read in the dark while your partner sleeps peacefully next to you. On the other hand, the backlit text strains your eyes more than a book lit by a night lamp. If you are going to read classic books, a model with a black and white display will suffice. If you like to read comics, magazines or books with more pictures, you will definitely appreciate the color display, on which the pictures will look much better. The disadvantage of displays with electronic ink, the so-called e-ink displays have slower responses when touched because the rendering speed is slower.

The second option is LCD displays, which offer higher resolution and brightness. In addition, such models have a more powerful processor, and therefore faster responses. The disadvantage is the endurance of the device, which is significantly lower compared to devices with electronic ink. The advantage of electronic ink over LCD display is readability in direct sunlight. When choosing a display size, it is important to find the right compromise between readability and compactness of the device. Models with 6, 9 and 12-inch displays are available on the market. Also keep in mind that a larger display means a higher load, which leads to a faster discharge of the device’s battery. In addition to the size of the display, focus on its resolution, which determines the quality of the displayed content. For pleasant reading, we recommend a resolution of at least 1024 × 758 pixels.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 3 8GB, 7 “backlit E-Ink touch screen, 1680 × 1264px, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 8 GB internal memory, without memory card, micro USB, € 259


The main idea of ​​electronic readers is to be able to always have a large number of books with you. Therefore, when choosing, focus on the device memory, which should be able to store all your books. Because e-books are small in size, they can hold approximately 1,000 books on 1 GB of memory. In addition to internal memory, some models also offer the option of storing books in a cloud or connecting an external memory card. If you want to read a book that you have stored in the cloud, you will need the Internet to download it, which should not be a problem today, but you need to think about it.

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C-TECH Lexis II, 6 “backlit E Ink touch screen, 1024 × 768px, WiFi, 8 GB internal memory, microSD, micro USB, 3000 mAh battery, € 122.90

Connectivity and format support

Different models of electronic readers support different book formats. The most commonly supported formats are PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, Mobi and ePUB. In addition, there are a large number of format converters, but after conversion, the quality of the book may not be the same as the original. Each of the formats has its advantages and disadvantages, but try to get the book into your reader in the formats that are designed for it. Adding books to the reader is very easy. You can use a USB connection to store books from your laptop directly to your device, or you can email book titles to a reader. Some readers, such as the Amazon Kindle, also offer an account that greatly simplifies the transfer of books from one device to another. Some models also provide Wi-Fi internet access, making it easier to add books to your device. Before you decide on a specific model, look at what book loading options it has and what specific formats the device supports.

Battery Life

The battery should last you at least for reading one book or for a long journey. Its endurance in electronic readers is given in the number of turned pages. Models with an e-ink display last for several weeks, LCD displays are more energy-intensive, so the reader lasts less. When consuming, the internet connection or shopping for books online must also be taken into account.

PocketBook 628 Touch Lux 5 Ink, 6 “backlit E-Ink touch screen, 1024 × 758 px, Wi-Fi, 8 GB internal memory, microSD and micro SDHC, micro USB, battery 1500 mAh, € 132.90

Comfort of use

Most readers weigh 100-200 grams. On some models, all control is performed only via the touch screen, others have physical buttons. It depends on what type of control you prefer. If possible, try grabbing the reader as if you were reading a book and see where the page turn buttons are. The ideal position is one that does not disturb you when reading.

Advanced functionalities

In addition to reading books, some models also offer advanced features:

Marking text – ideal for learning. The advantage is that you do not destroy the book in any way with this type of marking.

Writing notes – If you get used to writing notes in books, you will definitely appreciate this functionality. You can type using the touch screen or the buttons on the device.

Dictionary – If you like reading books in a foreign language, you may want a dictionary integrated directly into the device. If you can’t handle a word, it will be translated automatically, or the reader will give you an explanation of the word, depending on the type of dictionary.

Audio playback – If the model is equipped with built-in speakers or an audio input for headphones, you can not only read books, but also play audio books using the reader.

Tips and tricks when selecting a device

• If you opt for one of the Amazon Kindle models, you can convert the book very easily. Send an email to your Amazon Kindle with the subject of the message convert.

• If you want to read a book in the bathtub, on the beach or in the pool, also check the water resistance of the device.

• Like other electronic devices, the electronic reader must be protected by a cover or protective glass.

• Try to sort books into folders from the beginning so that you have order and a better search for a specific title.

• There are different types of web browser plugins that convert the webpage you view and send its content directly to your reader.

• With some readers you can take screenshots of the page you are reading.

• On some models, you can even set a password to prevent unwanted people from accessing your private library.

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