Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Eliminated from Menpora Cup 2021, this is the comment of coach Tira Persikabo – A disappointing result must be received by Tira Persikabo in the Menpora Cup 2021. Abduh Lestaluhu and his friends were eliminated from this pre-season tournament because they failed to qualify for the next round.

Tira Persikabo, who is in Group A, can only collect two points from the three matches he has played. This result made the team nicknamed Laskar Padjajaran in third place in the final standings.

In fact, they have the chance to qualify if they can beat Barito Putera at Manahan Stadium, Solo in the last match of Group A, Tuesday (30/3/2021). Unfortunately, the 2-2 result ended the match.

The 2-2 score made Barito Putera qualify for the next round. Laskar Antasari – nicknamed Barito Putera – will accompany PSIS Semarang as the group winner.

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Even so, Tira Persikabo’s trainer Igor Kriushenko was not too disappointed. He gave his appreciation to Abduh Lestaluhu and his friends because they had done their best.

“First of course I want to thank the players. They have worked hard in this 2021 Menpora Cup tournament,” Kriushenko said in a virtual post-match press conference.

He continued that his team played very well, especially against Barito Putera. Unfortunately, luck was still not on his side.

However, there are many opportunities that cannot be used properly. Therefore, this is one of the evaluation materials before the League 1 competition rolls out later.

“However, we missed a lot of moments, which should have been goals. This will be an evaluation in the future,” he concluded.

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