Friday, March 5, 2021
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Elon Musk has asked Danish rapper to put music to his visions. The result is sharp

MAngem billionaire and technology fanatic Elon Musk has inserted a small microchip into the brain of a chimpanzee. Elon Musk, who is also behind the car company Tesla, has sent a rocket onto the planet Mars and intends to colonize the red planet with his SpaceX space program. And Musk not only wants humanity out into space, he also wants all the way into our consciousness. He intends to insert a chip into the human brain so that we can, for example, play computer games and listen to music inside our heads.

And now Musk has put a Danish rapper named Benjamin into my brain.

Musk has invited former Benal frontman Benjamin Hav to the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto to produce the soundtrack to his grand plans. The result is this third solo release from Hav, which has very aptly been titled ‘Tesla’. Hav and 29 other artists have composed music, which will in future be played in Tesla’s factories, and as he himself puts it “in canteens in all the open office landscapes and through small external speakers as the rockets move out through space”.

From the first number, ‘When we take off’, the sea has a direct course towards outer space. And the whole soundscape on the album is futuristic, minimalist and sharp. ‘The nicest boy’ and ‘Your eyes say hello’ sound like Scientology techno and electronic pop music with lightning fast internet speed.

It costs only DKK 1, and the fastest ones start in less than 34 seconds.

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