Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Breaking News Emma Heesters thinks there is envy between female singers | NOW

Emma Heesters thinks there is envy between female singers | NOW

Singer Emma Heesters has noticed in her career that women in the music industry do not necessarily support each other. According to her, there would even be envy.

The 25-year-old Heesters explains Grazia about her debut as a lingerie model and that the feeling between the women on set was very different from what she is used to. “The other models encouraged and supported me in the process. That helped a lot to be myself.”

“In the music industry it is often different. When singers meet each other, there is often envy. It is such a shame, because I have now noticed that women can bring out the best in each other,” said the singer.

The support of the other women helped her feel confident, but she is not usually always satisfied. “But I feel much more comfortable in my own skin now than I used to be. And that has little to do with my dress size, more with how I feel. I used to dance a lot, classic and modern. When I put on something, I heard it right away. : “Make sure you don’t get too fat!” That put a lot of pressure on me, because I myself started to think that I was getting too strong. While that was not the case at all. Now I think: it will all be fine. “

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