Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Emmanuel Macron announces new anti-epidemic restrictions in France. Exceptions to Catholic Easter

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday night new anti-epidemic restrictions, including the closure of schools, in the context of the third wave of the pandemic, but exceptions are provided for interregional travel on the occasion of Catholic Easter, which is on April 4.

Emmanuel Macron ordered the extension to the entire territory of France of the restrictions that were already in force in 19 departments. Kindergartens, schools and high schools will be closed for three weeks.

Traffic remains prohibited between 19.00 and 6.00, as well as interregional travel. “There will be no limit on the length of outings within ten kilometers of homes around homes,” said Emmanuel Macron.

“Interregional travel is prohibited, except for imperative or professional reasons,” said Emmanuel Macron.

The French president has announced that restrictions on travel between regions will not apply during Catholic Easter. “Citizens who want to change the region to go to second homes in other regions can do so on the Catholic Easter weekend,” the French president told Le Monde.

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Emmanuel Macron also announced the increase of the number of places in the intensive care units from 7,665 places to 10,000.

“It is necessary to mobilize everyone through additional efforts to protect the sick and children,” Macron said.

Prime Minister Jean Castex will present the anti-epidemic strategy in Parliament on Thursday, where an advisory vote will be given, informs the daily Le Figaro.

(source: Mediafax)

Emmanuel Macron announces new anti-epidemic restrictions in France.  Exceptions to Catholic Easter

French President Emmanuel Macron announced new anti-epidemic restrictions on Wednesday night, including the closure of schools in the context of the third wave of the pandemic, but …

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