Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Establishment Osman 52nd new section

After the funeral, Bamsı Bey, who could not leave the head of the grave, said, “Oh Abdurrahman Gazi! There was martyrdom in the tongue even in the wedding ceremony. It is my time, too, Cerkutay! I want to be among the martyrs,” Cerkutay asked, “What will happen when mixed with the martyrs, my lord.” Bamsı Bey answered this question with the words “I will see our Prophet. I will see both my gardeans and my children Cerkutay!

Cerkutay wanted to comfort Bamsı Bey by saying, “Sir! In the past, when a great man died, people were sacrificed after him. In order to accompany his soul … If you die, I will sacrifice all your enemies.” When Bamsı Bey said, “We Muslims do not do so. We distribute charity, feed the poor. So that their blessings will accompany the soul of the deceased,” Cerkutay replied, “I have nothing but my armor and pusat, sir! I will sell them, feed the poor. They pray to you.”

These words of Cerkutay touched Bamsı Bey. Bamsı Bey, who hugged Cerkutay, said “You have a big heart, Cerkutay! What are you going to do with the property”.

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