Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Most people are already terribly fed up with the epidemic. Shocked, we listen to the news every morning about the illness of thousands more, the rise in the number of deaths, and we tremble at the thought of whether our loved ones will escape. I do not want to take the lead in this situation, so without any irony, I would like to draw attention to the undoubtedly positive impact of the pandemic.

More and more stories are proving that the introduction of digital education has provided an opportunity for many to have a more realistic assessment of teachers and schools. Today, the statement that the school is a defining element of social and economic life, without which not only future generations would be unable to survive, but also its current functioning, is in serious jeopardy, is no longer to be proved.

A parent who has gone through the past few months helping a child receiving digital education has a much more understanding approach to the sacrificial work of teachers. Anyone who has seen the deep grief in the eyes of their teenage daughter when it turned out that the prom ceremony is also held only digitally now knows that the school is much more than a curriculum submitted and accounted for or a babysitter providing active activities.

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Therefore, everyone is very much looking forward to the fact that educational institutions can return to the traditional work schedule based on personal encounters. This is in everyone’s interest, so everyone must also take responsibility to make it happen in the safest way possible. It is, of course, the responsibility of the government to make decisions, set the framework and provide the conditions. But not everything can be expected from the government.

It is completely incomprehensible what educators and educators who have not registered for vaccination think. If they also have to be explained that this is the only tool in our hands that can help prevent serious illnesses, the only way to reduce the number of deaths due to a viral infection, then there is a great deal of trouble. This is because educators not only have an impact on the students entrusted to them, but can also serve as role models for parents and grandparents. Think about these colleagues: from shop cashiers to restaurant workers, how many important professions and services would do everything they could to get vaccinated for the safety of themselves and the people they serve, but European vaccination with vaccines does not yet allow it, to move forward in line. And should teachers be encouraged?

Apparently, the mine work of the anti-vaccination opposition and the confusion of the PDSZ, which replaced advocacy work with this opposition party politicization, were not good for the well-being of the teachers either. But it would be very important not to throw the above-mentioned social esteem, the respect that the majority now feels much more deeply for their sacrificial work, in front of the crooked dogs of government-overthrowing machinations. At first, the kufars of death rumbled because they were not the first to vaccinate teachers. Then they argued about why schools would be opened before protection developed. Nothing is good for good, nothing is ever good enough, they always know everything better than everyone else. You don’t even have to pay attention to them!

Teachers are being vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, which opposition-hosted experts have said says that the first dose provides almost eighty percent protection. All other epidemiological regulations, safe year-rounds, graduation and graduation will be possible. He who tries to prevent this by stuttering, unfortunately, is capable of much greater meanings. But it is certainly not next to our children.

Cover image: Seventh grade student Zsolt Rókus Márkus, senior teacher of the Practical Primary, Secondary, Primary School of Art and Pedagogy Institute of the Károly Eszterházy University, will participate in an online literature class on his home in Eger on March 8, 2021.
Source: MTI / Péter Komka



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