Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology Facebook will help fight online harassment

Facebook will help fight online harassment

Social network Facebook announced the launch of a tool for more effective control of public posts. It will allow you to independently choose those who can comment on publicly available publications, the company’s press service told RB.ru.

Facebook will help fight online harassment

Ekaterina Kochkina

A special menu will allow you to open the post for comments either to a wide audience, or only to those profiles and pages that have been selected by the authors themselves.

“We hope that by giving people more control over their public posts, we will help them manage their content more effectively and reduce the likelihood of unwanted profiles or comments appearing in the feed,” explained Facebook.

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The social network also introduced a simplified sorting in the news feed. The new Feed Filter Bar at the top of the feed offers several feed options:

  • algorithmic ranking,
  • chronological sort, where the most recent messages are shown first,
  • individual filtering, which leaves only “Favorites” or friends and pages, messages from which I would like to see more often.

In addition, to better understand the context of the content, the company has expanded the explanatory function “Why do I see this?” When you click on the messages offered in the news feed, you can now get additional information about the criteria by which they were selected for display.


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