Sunday, April 11, 2021
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First Portuguese military personnel arrive in Mozambique in April to help fight terrorism – World

The first elements of the Portuguese contingent that will help in the formation of Mozambican military forces will leave in the first half of April, the Ministry of Defense confirmed to Lusa.

The sending of this contingent of 60 Portuguese military personnel, of the special forces, is framed by the new framework agreement for bilateral cooperation that is being finalized by the Portuguese and Mozambican ministries, said the source.

In an interview with Lusa released on February 17, the Portuguese minister, João Gomes Cravinho, estimated that the contingent of “special forces” will be deployed to Mozambique in around 60 military personnel, helping to train and prepare the African country in the future. combating terrorism.

“What we are going to highlight are trainers to train marines and commandos. They are military personnel who have these skills, special forces,” said Gomes Cravinho at the time, stressing that the planning is in progress with the Mozambican authorities.

The Mozambican defense minister had already signaled to the Portuguese government the intention to visit Portugal, but there are no dates yet, according to the same source.

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Regarding the new framework agreement for technical-military cooperation between Portugal and Mozambique, to take effect in the next three years, Gomes Cravinho stated that he does not contemplate major changes in content, but represents an “intensification” of cooperation with this country, following the current threat context.

Technical-military cooperation between Portugal and Mozambique has existed since 1988.

As for workplaces, it is predicted that the Portuguese military will be in the south of the country, near Maputo, and in the center, said the Portuguese defense minister.

The province of Cabo Delgado, in the north of Mozambique, has been the target of terrorist attacks for about three years and the last one took place on the 24th, in Palma, in which dozens of civilians were killed, according to the Mozambican Ministry of Defense.

The violence is causing a humanitarian crisis with almost 700,000 displaced people and more than 2,000 deaths.

The Islamic State terrorist movement on Monday claimed control of the village of Palma, near the border with Tanzania.

Several countries have offered military support in the field to Maputo to fight these insurgents, whose actions have already been claimed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, but, so far, there has not yet been an opening for that, although there are reports and testimonies that point to the existence of companies security and mercenaries in the area.

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