Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Five Effective Tips to Not Get Sick on the Ground, Friends of the ‘Jackpot’ Must Know – Motion sickness can be one of the things that will make your trip unpleasant.

Especially if you have to travel by vehicle within a short distance.

Currently there are many hangover drugs available on the market, but constantly taking drugs is not good, you know.

But calm down, if you often experience motion sickness and don’t want to take anti-hangover drugs too often, follow these 5 tips for anti motion sickness without drugs as reported by Friends of Daihatsu.

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1. Limit Use of Gadgets

Limit Use of Gadgets in Vehicles.  (Pexels)
Limit Use of Gadgets in Vehicles. (Pexels)

Many are counting, by playing gadget, then it can help to divert motion sickness in the vehicle.

In fact, this statement is not entirely true, you know. Because when you are in a car, the biological condition of the brain and body is in a dilemma because the body is moving without any biological process (such as walking).

If you don’t limit the use of gadgets, over time the brain will experience stress and trigger it false alarm. The brain will respond to the body in a condition of poisoning, which can trigger dizziness and nausea.

2. Set Meal Portions

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Set Meal Portions.  (Pexels)
Set Meal Portions. (Pexels)

Traveling on an empty stomach is not good, because it can trigger stomach acid, which is a factor in motion sickness in the vehicle.



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