Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Business "Food Factor" launched the "Santa Fe Easy" model, focusing on fast selling...

“Food Factor” launched the “Santa Fe Easy” model, focusing on fast selling – cost-effective. Bounce to get bigger demand

“Food Factor” spreads business wings After investing in Santa Fe Steak shop announces the launch of a new model, “Santa Fe Easy”, highlighting fast-cost focus points with a budget of 100 million to cover the island’s gas stations. Community Mall has the opportunity to continue to grow the restaurant market.

Mr. Piti Bhirombhakdi, Chief Executive Officer of Food Factors Company Limited (Food Factors) projected a picture of the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. Changing consumer behavior From cooking at home And order products through delivery As for the carrier side, it started to disappear from the market. Only the big entrepreneurs with long hemp lines And must hasten to adjust rapidly

For the “Food Factor” this year, we will focus on improving the service area. Employees must be strong And effective As well as food quality control to be in line with the same standard

As well as joining with KT Restaurant, Santa Fe Steak is a strategic investment in line with Boon Rawd Brewery Group’s core strategy. From the trend of food business in Thailand is still growing. Consistent with consumer behavior That today may have lower revenues While expenses increase With consumers looking for value for money And want more convenience and speed

As a result, the fast service restaurant segment (QSR) as well as the restaurant delivery business And ordered to take home to grow up Especially a steak restaurant Continues to be popular with consumers It is an opportunity and a marketing gap for the Santa Fe Steak brand to adjust and build on its legacy business. Until the lineup, a new model shop under the name “SANTA FE ‘EASY” (Santa Fe Easy), highlighting the selling point of speed at an affordable price

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Mr. Piti stressed that today is another step. For the food factor business group that Santa Fe has entered as a “puzzle”, a key piece in the portfolio. The important thing to look at together is knowing a clear model of both strengths and weaknesses as well as operating results. Which is in the period when we have to takeoff

Mr. Surachai Chan Anudet, CEO of KT Restaurant Co., Ltd., spoke about the Santa Fe Easy store model, opening a small shop, showing value for money, more than 40 menu items, both single and set. The price is easy to reach starting at 140 baht per person, which will focus on opening a service in small shopping malls, community malls, gas station service stations and offices. Q House Lumpini Building and The Rest Area Gas Station PTT Prachachuen

In addition, this model will also help to expand the store as a franchise. Due to the small shop layout, low investment cost, easy management When compared to the usual Santa Fe stores that focus on open in medium and large shopping malls.

For this year’s investment plan The company has prepared a budget of about 100 million baht to expand its branches, divided into nine 140 square meters full-service Santa Fe stores, followed by 6 Santa Fe Easy 80-100 square meters and Meng Nua. No number of five locations hoping to help push the brand to be able to Targeting target groups to cover the market across the country

However, by 2021, the company wants to turn its revenues back to 30% growth or about 1,800 million baht in revenues from the year 2020, revenue down 30%. 114 locations across the country

The reporter further reported that over the past few years, Boonrawd Brewery has seen a picture of “Boonrawd Brewery” trying to diversify its business lines to expand from the beer, soda and beverage businesses. Drinking water, whether it is a packaging business, Bangkok Glass Regional Business (Reginal) under Singha Asia Holding Real Estate Business By Singha Estate Supply chain business under Boonrawd, supply chain and food business by food factor from having relied on only one pillar.

Today, Boonrawd has 6 pillars that will spearhead all-round growth, especially the “food business” that is ready to expand into new growth at a faster speed.

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