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Proud of the great turnout: Katarina Đurić

Katarina Đurić (28) for the second time in the Council of Foreigners in Noah Isenburg! In the recent elections in a city not far from Frankfurt, Katarina, as the only candidate of Serbian nationality, took third place with only two votes less than the Italian representative. From the list of a total of 18 candidates, 12 of them entered the Council, with the largest number of votes won.

– I first joined the Council of Foreigners Noah Isenburg five years ago and then I had much less political experience than today. I am looking forward to being in this institution for the next five years, because now I have more knowledge and I believe that I will be more willing to help in many things – Katarina tells “Vesti”.

Happy childhood in the Mihajlović family 1994: Radosav, Marija, Natalija, Draža and Katarina

Childhood in Urberach

He admits that it was not easy, because the competition was much bigger than last time.

– In the pre-election campaign, I was personally more engaged in representing the Council of Foreigners. I think I did well because in this way I can help our people who live in this area more. Many of our fellow citizens, despite the Internet and other opportunities available to them, are not aware of all the rights they have here as foreigners. It is much better to do this in a direct conversation with a person who speaks both languages, Serbian and German, and knows the system and the law in Neu-Isenburg and in Germany. Many have problems with understanding in the administration, understanding the forms, applications and basic things, and we can, for example, help a lot – explains Katarina, who has been a member of the Club of Serbia from Neu-Isenburg since she was five.

Artistic directors of KUD Izvor, Katarina and Branislav Ivanišević
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She is happy, she says, that the turnout was great and that she was re-elected, primarily thanks to the great support of Serbs from Noah Isenburg, among whom was a large number of members of the Club of Serbia.

Katarina comes from the esteemed Mihailović family, which originates from Bela Reka in the vicinity of Šabac. She was born in Langen, and spent her childhood with her mother Maria, father Radosav, sister Natalija and brother Draža in Urberach, about twenty kilometers from Noah Isenburg.

– I had a nice childhood in Urberah and that’s where I finished high school. It is a small place and it reminded me a lot of stories from Serbia that I heard from my parents. After high school, I went to college. I studied in Darmstadt and graduated from the Faculty of Spanish and German Language. Today I work as a professor in Darmstadt. He teaches both Spanish and German. I changed my last name by marrying Branislav Đurić, who is also from Bela Reka – says our interlocutor.

One of the last photos with sister Natalija

The beauty of folklore

When she was 17, they moved to Noah Isenburg, where they settled a long time ago, says Katarina.

– My sister and I enrolled in the folklore section of KUD Izvor Klub Srbija, I at the age of five, and she at the age of six. Brother Draža came to the club a little later.

There she passed all the selections of folklore, from the smallest group to the first ensemble.

– One year I even played in the middle and first ensemble. At the age of 17, I became the artistic director of the ensemble together with Branislav Ivanišević. I remember that there were several older folklorists, but I always respected their age, and they respected my work as an artistic director – Katarina recalls.

In Vlach costume at the 2016 show.

She had her first European Folklore Festival in 2000, but as a spectator she was thrilled.

– My first European review as a player was in 2008 in Palam, then a year later in Timisoara, and in 2010 in Brcko, the first as an artistic director – Katarina remembers.

Wedding in costume: Branislav and Katarina Đurić

Memories from Čačak and Portorož

– All European folklore festivals have remained in my wonderful memory, but I would still like to single out the festivals in Čačak and Portorož. In Čačak, we all played together for the last time in the same ensemble, my sister Natalija, brother Draža and me. Later, Natalija moved to Mannheim, so she played for Sloga Mannheim. Portorož will remain in my memory because of the ambience at sea and because ensembles from all over Europe were together in one place. In Belgrade, we felt separated, but performing on the stage in the Sava Center is a beautiful feeling – says Katarina.

The death of a sister is a great tragedy

Katarina experienced a great life shock when her sister Natalija passed away suddenly.

– It is a shock and pain that does not subside and does not pass, only time passes. It happened in 2014 on Christmas. My sister came to her parents on Christmas Eve to be with them because Draža and I were in Serbia. They went to church and already in the morning, her health condition changed abruptly. They took her to the doctor, and she was immediately referred to a hospital in Frankfurt, where, after numerous analyzes, she was diagnosed with a drop in platelets. The values ​​at that moment were around 3,000 with a tendency to decrease, and it is normally more than 150,000. After nine days, they told us that they tried to do everything for her and after the operation, which lasted five hours, they failed to save her. Even today, we do not know what the real cause of death was, except that they established a brain hemorrhage. The topic of our last conversation, while she was aware, was folklore – a story through tears Katarina.

The sister, he adds, was a cheerful girl.

– All folklorists loved her. While she was in the hospital, many came to visit her. At the hospital they let us do what they never did to anyone. There were more than 200 folklorists from all over Germany to support her in the fight for life, but the unknown and vicious disease was stronger – says Katarina.

After Natalija’s departure, the Club of Serbia from Noah Isenburg and Sloga Mannheim became brothers and later organized folklore concerts called “Memory of NATO” every year.



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