Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home World From next season, the VAR system will be mandatory in NB I.

From next season, the VAR system will be mandatory in NB I.

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The competition notices for the next season have been published in the official document library of the Hungarian Football Association. It has been decided that the VAR system will be mandatory in NB I from next season.

The NB I competition notice for 2021-2022 states that the tournament will start on Friday 30 July and end on Sunday 15 May. Championship meetings are also held on Fridays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The 12 teams fight in a three-round system. This time, there will be no highlighting which six clubs can play one more time (17 times) on the home field. At the end of the season, the last and penultimate place in the table will be eliminated in the second division.

The most important change is that the use of a video judge will be mandatory in NB I from next season. Each leading sports organization must install a VAR system in its stadium in accordance with international standards.

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From next season, VAR will also be assisting the referees in NB I.
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NB I teams will have to nominate a maximum of 25 frames for the tournament next season as well. Hungarian players of U19 (born in 2003 or later) do not need to be added to the list. There will be five substitutions per match (with three game interruptions) introduced next season due to the coronavirus epidemic – if the Football Regulatory Board (IFAB) extends its decision.

In NB II, in the next call, each team must have at least one player born in 2002 or later throughout the course. The alliance is planning the NB III tournament for 54 teams instead of this season’s 60-player third division. In the Hungarian Cup, the bands NB I and NB II will join in the third round. 128 guards will take part in the first round, 64 in the second and 64 again in the third. The final (eighth round) will be hosted by the Puskás Arena in Budapest.



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