Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Google is pumping 25 million euros into fighting fake news | NOW

The American tech company Google, known for its search engine, is investing 25 million euros in the newly established European Media and Information Fund. This was set up to combat fake news on social media and the internet.

With the investment, which the company itself announced on Wednesday, Google wants to reverse the image that tech companies are doing too little to stop the spread of fake news.

The COVID-19 pandemic and last year’s US elections triggered a massive spike in misinformation on the Internet. Here and there it sounds that social media is not responding enthusiastically enough to this development, while regulators have already indicated that they are not afraid of the hard means to tackle it.

The European fund wants to bring together researchers, fact checkers, NGOs and other relevant sources to help ban fake news. “As we process last year’s uncertainty and challenges, it is more important than ever that people have access to accurate information and can distinguish fact from fiction,” said Matt Brittin, who owns Google’s divisions in Europe. the Middle East and Africa, in a blog post.

The fund will remain active for the next five years. The European Digital Media Observatory, a project of the European Commission with fact checkers and researchers, selects the projects.

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