Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Home World Google Maps Prepares "Environmentally Friendly" Features, Here Are the Details

Google Maps Prepares “Environmentally Friendly” Features, Here Are the Details – Google increasingly affirms its commitment to be more concerned with environmental conditions. Through the Google Maps application, the company is preparing to introduce “eco-friendly” features for users.

Through Google’s official blog, the company explains that Google Maps will recommend a route that is estimated to produce the lowest carbon emissions based on traffic, slopes, road conditions and other factors.

This application feature will debut for the first time in the United States and several countries. Google also explained that this eco-friendly feature will also be available to global users in stages.

What we see is that about half of the route, we can find a more environmentally friendly option with minimal time sacrifice or no time cost,“said Russell Dicker, Google’s product director NDTV.

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Google says it obtains an estimate of relative emissions by testing across different types of vehicles and road types.

Illustration of eco-friendly features on Google Maps.  (Google)
Illustration of eco-friendly features on Google Maps. (Google)

They made use of data obtained from the US government’s National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL). Data on roads and structural conditions are taken from Street View cars, aerial and satellite imagery.

From Amsterdam to Jakarta, cities around the world have established low emission zones – areas that restrict polluting vehicles such as certain diesel cars or cars with special emission stickers – to help keep the air clean. To support this effort, we are working on alerts to help drivers better understand when they will navigate through one of these zones. You can quickly find out if your vehicle is allowed in the area, choose an alternative mode of transportation, or take another route, “wrote Google in the company’s official blog, Tuesday (30/03/2021).

Google Maps feature that can detect air quality.  (Google).
Google Maps feature that can detect air quality. (Google).

Low emission zone alerts will be launched in June in several countries including Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain and the UK for both Android and iOS users.

This feature in the Google Maps application will also gradually become available in more countries. If this option is enabled, the “Low Emission Zone on route” option will appear.

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Users can choose the fastest route or certain routes that are considered to have less CO2 emissions. The environmentally friendly features of Google Maps are equipped with AI or artificial intelligence where users can also find out air quality statistics at the destination.



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