Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home Technology Google will hide the thumbs down count on YouTube. Will this...

Google will hide the thumbs down count on YouTube. Will this stop their avalanches?

The Internet, as it offers apparent anonymity, is an endless source of hatred. Mass attacks on selected websites or video makers are nothing new. In some places you buy, in others it gives you a thumbs down, but it doesn’t really matter what the signs and form are – it’s just about expressing disapproval. YouTube is known for its regular experimentation with the website’s interface. Sometimes it will add something, sometimes it will subtract. And the next few weeks are to pass under the test of the hiding function of the “paws down” counter.

YouTube will still be able to express disapproval – but viewers will not see how many of them did not like our content

The changes will only apply to the counter for “hands down” – the menu itself will remain unchanged. Thumb up, thumb down, share, save and – for YouTube Premium users – download option. The only difference is that there are no values โ€‹โ€‹next to the disapproval icon. However, nothing has changed in terms of the positive reception – with the thumbs up, the counter remained.

The “paws down” counter will be hidden only for viewers – the creators, of course, will have access to them all the time – and in the relevant section of YouTube Studio they can see how many people did not like their material. Unfortunately, as always with such changes, they are quite controversial. First of all, because these counters did not appear on the site for no reason – algorithms to help promote better materials are one thing, but the users themselves already have some starting point in case of doubts whether it is worth watching the video or not. I mean, first of all, all kinds of practical guides, where such knowledge is extremely valuable. On the other hand – as I have already mentioned – many creators are “bombed” in this way by fans of the competition. It is impossible to please everyone.

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