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Government promises for a four-year term: a 125-page document – hundreds of works

During its term, the government will strive to create equal starting positions for all Lithuanians.

In an effort to achieve this goal, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MESM) by 2023. Q3 intends to update the general curricula of pre-school, primary, basic and secondary education, linking their content with social, emotional and healthy lifestyle, creativity, citizenship, cultural, communication and cognitive competences.

Ministry until 2023 Q4 plans to reach 80 percent. general education students to participate in at least one non-formal education program.

Aims to increase the salary of teachers, school leaders

Until the fourth quarter of this year. The Ministry planned to close the gap between the salaries of pedagogical education support specialists and teachers by 2024. Q3 to achieve an average teacher salary of 130%. the national average wage.

It is planned to increase the salaries of other pedagogical staff at a lower pace than the salaries of teachers.

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Luke April / 15min photo / At school

Until 2024 Q3 the aim is to improve the working conditions of school heads so that the minimum salary ratio of a school head is 40%. higher than the maximum teacher ratio.

And until 2024. Q3 – to create preconditions for the increase of the salary of the academic staff of research and study institutions to reach 150%. the country’s VMU, as well as the salaries of non-academic employees.

Plans to change the college network, sports sponsorship model

Until 2024 I quarter it is planned to update the study programs – to review the duration of studies and to promote the development of distance learning and digitization, study in English.

Until 2022 Q2 the ministry intends to harmonize the minimum entry requirements for tuition-paying and state-funded students, and to provide more opportunities for higher education institutions to select students in the admission process by amending the law on science and studies.

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Students

Photo by Luke April / 15min / Students

Until 2024 I quarter The SMSM, assessing national and regional economic development and labor market needs, has set the goal of renewing the network of colleges, and by 2024. Q2 – review the network of vocational training institutions: assess the assets under management, national and regional economic development and labor market needs.

Until the second quarter of this year. it is planned to amend the Law on Sports and establish a new model of sports support, and by 2022. I quarter – to create a mechanism for attracting the organization of international high-mastery sports events in Lithuania.

The full document is available here:

Prepare a draft law on the framework of cultural policy

Another goal set by the Cabinet of Ministers is to make culture change the quality of life of the personality and society.

The Ministry of Culture, taking into account the interpretation of the Constitutional Court, by the 4th quarter of this year. seek to update the funding model of the Culture Support Fund.

Until 2023 I quarter – to prepare and adopt the draft Law on the Framework of Cultural Policy.

Photo by Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min photo / Ministry of Culture

Photo by Irmantas Gelūnas / 15min photo / Ministry of Culture

This law was also drafted by the previous Government, tried to accept The Seimas, however, did not do so.

Until 2023 I quarter The Ministry of Culture plans to improve the Law on Patronage and other related laws and to increase the involvement of the public and business in cultural patronage.

It is planned to continue until 2024. Q2 to expand the content and forms of dissemination of cultural passport services.

Explain how to properly nurture historical memory

Until 2022 Q2 The Ministry of Culture promises to draft and adopt amendments to the law to simplify the procedure for granting the status of an artist and an organization of artists.

Until the fourth quarter of this year. It is planned to prepare and adopt the draft Law on National Minorities by 2022. Q4 – Recast the Law on Museums, and by 2022. Q2 – to amend the Law on Cultural Centers by 2022. I quarter – to recast the Law on Song Festivals.

Ministry until 2022 Q4 intends to develop a governance model for the National Concert Hall and start project development.

Until 2023 I quarter – to carry out an impact analysis of the implementation of historical memory initiatives, including the Holocaust and the Soviet occupation, in order to determine the expectations and effectiveness of historical memory in society and to establish a framework for historical memory updating and a coordination mechanism for historical memory initiatives.

Until 2022 Q4 The Ministry of Culture, with the help of experts, will seek to carry out an evaluation of media policy and develop guidelines for its improvement. Q4 – update the media support model.

Will prolong life

One of the priorities set by this Government is a long and full life for a healthy person.

The average life expectancy at the end of the term is expected to increase to 77 years at the end of the term in 2024 (from 76.4 years in 2019), and the gap between men’s and women’s life expectancy will decrease by eight years, from 9.5 years a year ago.

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min nuotr./Ligoninė

Eriko Ovcharenko / 15min nuotr./Ligoninė

Work planned in this area includes improving the quality of public and personal health care institutions (system transformation), ensuring the resilience of the health system to threats, digitization and the like.

By the end of this year, it is planned to implement measures for the target groups on healthy eating, promotion of physical activity, organization of work and rest regime, sex education, stress management and prevention of the use of psychoactive substances.

Amend the Law on Assisted Fertilization

Work is scheduled for April-June to prepare and adopt amendments to the Law on Health Care Institutions and other related legislation in order to optimize the network of national public health care institutions.

Also – to update the National Suicide Prevention Plan 2020–2024. an action plan and implement measures for the provision of psychosocial assistance to those at risk of suicide and for the early identification of such persons.

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Germ cell bank

Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Germ cell bank

Also, in the second quarter of this year, it is planned to prepare and adopt a draft law amending the Law on Assisted Fertilization, which would provide for more favorable conditions, methods and procedures for female assisted reproduction.

Among the plans – to prepare and adopt amendments to the Law on Health Insurance – to envisage new mechanisms for drawing up the PSDF budget and reimbursing the costs of personal health care services, the purchase of medicines and medical aids and the reimbursement of medical devices (devices).

At the beginning of next year, the work planned by the Government is a decision on the improvement of the compulsory health insurance and health care tax system and the possibilities to attract alternative sources of health care financing, taking into account the results of public consultations with the public and social partners.

Will increase forest cover, expand protected areas

The Cabinet of Ministers names the Lithuanian Green Course as the sixth mission.

Among the goals to be achieved by 2024 is an increase in forest cover to 35%. (In 2020 – 33.7%), the expansion of the share of the area of ​​protected areas in comparison with the total area of ​​the country to 20%, when last year it reached 17.69%.

The government points out that one of the goals is to increase the area of ​​strictly protected areas to 40%. at the end of the term, when it was – 30.39% last year, compared to the total area of ​​protected areas.

Erik Ovcharenko / 15min photo / Winter at the seaside

Erik Ovcharenko / 15min photo / Winter at the seaside

The change in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2019 is -8.8. Several works are planned for this: development of renewable energy sources in the electricity generation sector, food production in harmony with nature, green transport transformation.

Reduce regional disparities

Another priority identified in the Government’s action plan is sustainable regional development.

Among the targeted indicators – the average deviation of the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the regions, compared to the country’s GDP per capita, in 2024 would be 25.4 (in 2020 it was 29.77).

Instead of two regions where the average wage is now above 85 percent. average salary in the Vilnius labor region, it is desired that there be three.

In order to restore confidence in the justice system, as indicated, the Government plans to increase the share of the population that trusts the courts, to reduce the number of persons held in prisons per 100,000. population, reducing the number of people who believe that a bribe helps solve problems.

Photo by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Cash

Photo by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Cash

In the area of ​​the public sector, the Government’s planned goals are to modernize more e. services, improve the maturity rating of data opening, increase public confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers.

Will set up a new military training ground

Another mission to be pursued by the Government is a strong and secure Lithuania.

In this area, the aim is to improve the Cyber ​​Security Index, which assesses Lithuania, to increase the part of the society that is able to recognize ongoing information attacks and misleading information.

Among the goals are a larger number of people in the active reserve, more people who think that Lithuania is a safe country to live, and an increased share of state and municipal institutions and establishments ready to respond to emergencies.

To this end, it is intended to develop the priority capabilities of the Lithuanian Armed Forces (land maneuvering, logistics and air defense) and to establish a new military training ground.

Marius Vizbaras / 15min photo / Soldiers' exercises at the training ground

Marius Vizbaras / 15min photo / Soldiers’ exercises at the training ground

Another priority singled out by the Government is Lithuania’s growing influence.

This would encourage a number of initiatives to strengthen democracy in the Eastern Neighborhood and the association and integration of the Eastern Partners with the EU, increase the number of political initiatives and high-level meetings to strengthen transatlantic relations, among others.

The currently published plan for the implementation of the provisions of the Government Program is being coordinated with the interested institutions.

It will later be approved by the Government.



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