Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home Breaking News Greenlandic governing party now supports controversial mining project

Greenlandic governing party now supports controversial mining project

Siumut fully supports a mining project in South Greenland after doubt. There are elections in a month.

So far, there has been doubt about the support for the controversial mining project Kvanefjeld in South Greenland from the leading government party, Siumut.

But now the party’s chairman, Erik Jensen, is backing the project, which has been underway for over a decade.

– We have a party political program that we must relate to, and it says that the Kuannersuit project must be initiated, but only if it lives up to the Mineral Resources Act, says Erik Jensen to the radio and television station KNR.

The topic is at the top of the agenda during the Greenlandic parliamentary elections, which will take place on 6 April, which is the same day as the local elections in Greenland.

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In Greenlandic, the mining project is known as the Kuannersuit project. There are fears of chemical and radioactive contamination from the planned mine, which, among other things, will extract radioactive uranium and rare earths. The project is expected to create over 300 Greenlandic jobs.

However, the chairman of Siumut does not believe that there is a difference in his statements compared to last week.

Here he also referred to the party program, but that it was not clarified internally how the party would behave.

– If the raw materials law, which has been passed by the entire Inatsisartut (parliament, ed.), Is complied with, then the raw materials activities that are around must be initiated.

– But Kuannersuit is very different from other big projects, so that is something we will discuss in the party. We must be completely sharp, and we would like to return to it at a later date, Erik Jensen told KNR.

Last week, the party Inuit Ataqatigiit, IA, made it clear that it will stop the controversial mining project in South Greenland.

The opposition party criticized Siumut for not speaking out clearly. IA was already an opponent, but went a step further by committing to drop the project.

The party stands in an opinion poll to get more seats than Siumut, who has government power today.

Since Siumut’s national meeting last year, there have been doubts about the party’s position on the mining project. The uncertainty contributed to the Democrats leaving the governing coalition after almost ten months.

At the same meeting, Kim Kielsen, chairman of the national government, was removed as chairman of Siumut. However, he remains the head of government.

The reason for the extra reflection time in Siumut was, among other things, the restrictions due to coronavirus, which made citizens’ meetings difficult.

– And then there was some scientific documentation that was not completely in control, and therefore we would have liked to have extended the consultation period.

– There is an outcry in South Greenland, and that is completely understandable, and precisely to avoid that division on the basis of this project, we would like to have an overall plan for it, and that was what we proposed to the Democrats, says Siumut’s chairman, Erik Jensen, to KNR.

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