Saturday, April 10, 2021
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HES code will be asked even from a flying bird

In Samsun, which has been among the ‘very high risk’ provinces with red color for 4 weeks on the coronavirus risk map, inspections have been increased with increasing cases. Under the instructions of the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, 209 reinforcement personnel from the General Directorate of Security were assigned to the city. Governor Zülkif Dağlı, who examined the inspections on site, stated that they attach great importance to the implementation of the HEPP code.

‘Yesterday, we asked 40 thousand people for their HES codes’

Stating that the fight against coronavirus continues in the city, Governor Dağlı said, “Our number of cases is high, everyone knows this now. With the instruction of our minister, 209 ready-made force teams started to work in our city as of Monday. 27 of these forces are in our Çarşamba district, 27 of them are in Bafra district and the other friends are on duty in Mecidiye and Çiftlik streets. We do HES code query by keeping the streets completely. The HES code is an important issue, and 209 of our friends are working on this issue. Yesterday, we caught 11 citizens wandering outside when they should have been in quarantine. We may have citizens like this every day trying to enter the bank, in the market or in other areas. I want to call the people of Samsun, they should report the people they know to be positive or in contact to 112. We intervene in these people instantly. I hope we will beat it all together. As you know, we are one of the first provinces that started the intercity HES code implementation. I gave an instruction to my friends as follows; ‘You will ask for the HES code even from the flying bird.’ We have to do this. Yesterday, we asked 40 thousand people for their HES codes, this is a huge number, ”he said.

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