Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Hope: The government should deal with the state of emergency – Domestic – News

Due to the fact that the new cabinet has not yet been appointed, the anticipated points of Wednesday’s government program have been deleted. This was explained by the Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď (OĽANO) before the meeting of the government, which is in resignation. “According to my information, we should only deal with one point – the state of emergency and the conclusions of the pandemic commission. The government should be appointed tomorrow, so we deleted those standard points today,” he explained.

He also commented on the expected verdict of the Constitutional Court in the event of a state of emergency. He believes that the verdict will confirm the justification for accepting a state of emergency for the protection of health and life. “I believe it was all in accordance with the constitution. Maybe the court will give us some guidance towards similar situations in the future, “said Naď. He also pointed out that other countries were also accepting the state of emergency.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Informatization Veronika Remišová (For People) commented on the opinion of the General Prosecutor’s Office (GP) of the Slovak Republic that the Ministry of Justice had sent a statement to that effect. She noted that some of the comments of the GP of the Slovak Republic were more political than legal in nature. According to her, the GP of the Slovak Republic should not comment on political or epidemiological arguments. “We will fully respect the decision of the Constitutional Court,” she said. She pointed out that Plan B was also ready.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Ján Mičovský (OĽANO) is convinced that a state of emergency is still needed. “I believe that we need to take all the necessary steps forward, see around the corner and say that human lives are the most important thing the government must protect,” he said. According to Remišová, in the event of an emergency, it is always necessary to expect a proper justification, an epidemiological justification of the situation, why it is still necessary to accept and prolong the emergency. “I believe that conditions will improve so much and will improve for the last time,” she said before Wednesday’s government meeting. He hopes that the state of emergency will no longer need to be extended.

According to him, approximately 3,000 soldiers still remain in the deployment to ensure order and monitor compliance with the rules. “We have not accepted anything special for Easter, the mandate works by default, the number can be increased if necessary,” he added.

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He urged people to stay home during the holidays, not to travel unnecessarily, and to reduce the spread of the virus by reducing mobility. Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OĽANO) believes that people will be able to comply with the measures even during Easter and then they will be able to improve the situation. “We will continue to monitor the measures and increase performance. We will focus on borders, but also on district borders, “he said.

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