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Home World How Gal Gadot manages to save the blockbuster from the fiasco

How Gal Gadot manages to save the blockbuster from the fiasco

Gal Gadot dans «Wonder Woman 1984» de Patty Jenkins — Warner Bros

  • Gal Gadot is still at ease in the role of Wonder Woman.
  • She wanted to give more maturity to her character in “Wonder Woman 1984”.
  • She also wanted to perform most of her stunts herself in this somewhat disappointing sequel despite everything.

His name is Gadot. Gal Gadot. To pronounce “Gaile Gadotte” for those who do not yet know it. The actress has become a favorite of the general public thanks to Wonder Woman by Patty Jenkins. She reprized the role for Wonder Woman 1984 available on VOD this Wednesday and video on April 7.

“That the film is set in the 1980s, that changes everything,” said the actress at a press conference last December. The clothes, hairstyles and decorations give the impression of traveling through time. A feeling shared by the viewer, who follows Diana Prince alias Wonder Woman, in her new life as a scholar which will lead her to face formidable villains and to find her lost love.

Less naive, more mature

Gal Gadot wanted to bring his own touch to this heroine by not playing only on her impeccable body of ex-miss Israel 2004. “She is less naive in this film than in the first where she discovered her powers,” explains -it. She has matured which makes the character even more interesting. The actress is as comfortable in the iconic Wonder Woman costume as she is a professional archaeologist to the end of her suit.

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While she’s ready to save the world, Wonder Woman remains feminine even when taking on various villains. This point was crucial for Gal Gadot. “Men and women don’t have the same way of fighting simply because their bodies are different,” she says. And I wanted it to be noticeable on the screen. Her clashes prove that she was heard. After having trained with martial artists, she is totally believable when she shows what she’s doing to sinister bandits.

She takes care of the stunts herself

Gal Gadot is also not the type to be dubbed. Whenever she had the chance, she performed her stunts herself! “It shows in the result when you don’t use too many digital special effects,” she says. The shoot was physically difficult but it was worth the effort. Even if this second film is soft, Gal Gadot is well in the red boots of Wonder Woman. As she also proved in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, she has not finished taking the viewer in her lasso.



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