Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Home Technology How to set your Mac to turn on or off automatically

How to set your Mac to turn on or off automatically

Macs are very efficient computers and most users do not turn them off except on rare occasions. MacBooks are very efficient and use little battery power when they sleep, and desktop Macs are fairly quiet. However, it is highly recommended that we turn them off from time to time, and one option to automate this process is to schedule off and on.

A MacBook Pro

Apple includes a native option in macOS to schedule our Mac to turn off and on. We can choose the days of the week we want this to happen and the exact time. For instance, scheduling the shutdown at night is highly recommended.

We are going to teach you how to set your Mac to turn itself on or turn off at a specified time. It is also slightly different depending on the Mac you have, it is not done the same in an iMac than in a MacBook.

So you can schedule your Mac to turn on or off at a specific time

Programming the power on or off of your Mac is a highly recommended task, especially if we use them at a desk to work. This way you don’t have to worry, your Mac will shut down at night and start up in the morning so it’s ready when you need it.

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You can schedule your Mac to turn on at any time and on the days you prefer. And you can also set that shuts down, goes to sleep, or restarts at a specified time and day. To do this you must follow these steps:

  1. Go into System preferences on your Mac. From the Apple logo on the top bar or from the Dock icon.
  2. Click now on Economizer, if you have an iMac or Mac mini, or in Drums if you have a MacBook.
  3. If you have a Mac desktop click on Schedule in the lower area.
  4. If you have a MacBook, click on Schedulebelow the battery icon.
  5. Clicking on Start or activate You can select the days and the time you want your to turn on.
  6. Activating the second option you can put in Sleep, Restart, or Shut Down the Mac on a specific day and time.
program mac on off
Depending on your Mac, this option is located in different places

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting function, whether you want to use it in a specific way or, especially, if you want to leave it programmed so that your Mac turns on or off automatically on the weekend or on weekdays. You Mac will rest when you are not using it, which will protect its componentsespecially the battery.



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