Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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How was the dark period of the 90s survived? How did President Erdogan come to a solution?

CHP Beşiktaş Mayor Ayfet Atay, “Our water problem is solved, we say be saints like water. If you solve our problem of the pavement, people will pass through those roads, we say that the way of Allah will be open to you. If you solve our channel problem, we say be clean as in the Quran.” He spoke in the form.


Calendar newspaper writer Ekrem Kızıltaş talked about the CHP disaster in the 90’s and the Recep Tayyip Erdogan period.

Kızıltaş, who made striking explanations, “At that time, a single bread was 3 thousand lira-6 thousand lira. The difference between the price was a gap. Folk breads were increased to be arranged at that time. After a while, the market became normal. At that time, water in Istanbul came once a week, and it was 2- 3 hours running. you fill water in the house with the drums. I moved home water from the mosque. I came to the line stage in almost every part of the city garbage mountains. 94 after the Rafah municipality has put the bar in Turkey. What was it, “the streets are not garbage, thirst can not.” Infrastructure build on it It was very important for Mr. Erdogan, who was Mayor of the time, to work with his team. ” said.

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