Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Hundreds of new employees do not solve Skat’s IT anguish

Hundreds of new IT employees have arrived, but it is still lagging behind in achieving the IT goals for the Ministry of Taxation.

Skat’s board with responsibility for IT projects and operation of IT systems has hired hundreds of new employees last year. But still, only two out of three goals for the year have been reached.

It appears from the annual report from the Danish Agency for Development and Simplification under the Ministry of Taxation as described by the Engineer’s IT media, Version2.

– The Agency’s goal and result plan for 2020 sets out 13 goals and performance requirements divided into five strategic benchmarks. The agency has met eight goals, the agency writes in its annual report.

The board further writes that it has “overall” achieved a good goal of “ensuring stable and secure operation of critical IT systems”.

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For years, IT has been a major focus for tax recovery, where large projects such as the recovery system and property valuations have received critical focus.

There are also significant employees in the board. In 2020, the number of man-years – a designation for the average number of full-time employees – increased by almost a third to 1401.3. This corresponds to 346 more employees.

This has sent the agency’s personnel expenses up by almost DKK 200 million to DKK 841 million.

Despite the significantly more resources, several important goals were not met. Here, the big point is the hard-hit IT system for digital property valuations. The plan was for them to go out in the summer of 2020. But that did not happen.

– The delay is by no means acceptable. Many have looked forward to a more accurate property assessment and clarity about their future housing taxes, wrote Minister of Taxation Morten Bødskov (S), when it was announced.

The implementation of the housing agreement from 2017, which changed the housing taxes, is also lagging behind.

On the other hand, there is rarely good news for the PSRM recovery system, which has replaced the scandal-ridden EFI. Here the work is progressing, and 400 out of 536 potential authorities that should be able to recover money are connected.

This year, the property appraisal system will stand the test of time, when it will send out 160,000 digital property appraisals this summer.

And here there will still be more employees in the agency. According to the report, the number of man-years is expected to increase by a further 450 to 1884 and staff costs to 1.2 billion kroner.

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