Saturday, April 10, 2021
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I have never begged for rank and position – Moeldoko, finally answered the accusations made against him, related to his political activities since retiring from the TNI to becoming the General Chair of the Deli Serdang version of the KLB Democratic Party.

He believes that he has never changed his principles since he became Commander of the TNI until now he has become a ‘civilian’ and plunged into politics.

He confirmed this through an upload entitled “Moeldoko answered part 2” on his personal Instagram account @dr_moeldoko, Tuesday (30/3/2021).

In the 2.29-minute video, Moeldoko talks about his current political choices as a civilian.

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Moeldoko previously also talked about TNI soldiers who he believed would not be easily provoked.

He revealed that during his time as TNI Commander in the era of President SBY, he had always instilled benevolence as well as welfare and professionalism.

“I never made soldiers moan,” said Moeldoko.

“When I served in the military, my job was to safeguard stability as well as democracy. As commander, the big task I did was to maintain stability and guard the dynamic course of democracy. The TNI played in a narrow space, but with the art of leadership, I faced this situation. the 2014 elections have all gone well, “said Moeldoko.

Meanwhile at present, as a civilian, Moeldoko said his duty was to keep democracy consistent.

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Moeldoko then highlighted that there are people who are involved in politics by looking for attention and piggybacking right and left.



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