Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World "I will do my best for PAOK"

“I will do my best for PAOK”

PAOK’s agreement with Aris Lykogiannis was completed today and the Greek coach will remain in the technical leadership of the team until 2024.

After the renewal of the cooperation between the two sides, Thanasis Hatzopoulos stressed: “After 4 months of coexistence with the coach, we saw that we have a perfect cooperation and that the team can proceed step by step to create a better team.

The coach matches the DNA of PAOK. He is a man who lives with passion every training and every game. He also transmits this passion to the team. Although he is only a few months with us, he created a team that fights all the games and this is something that makes us and the world very happy and that is why we wanted to continue.

So we decided to make an extension of our cooperation for three years and during this time we want to pay off and at the same time to build a remarkable team “.

Aris Lykogiannis explained the reasons that led him to make an easy decision, as he described it as a decision: “It was a very easy decision, as the discussions between us developed. We have been saying for some time that we should make an appointment to talk about the future. This appointment was made last week.

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There I talked more, asking for some things and now we have finalized the details of everything we discussed last week.

I can say that I am absolutely satisfied and absolutely happy that our ideas and opinions on how the team should proceed both competitively and organizationally and at all levels are very much identical, And this is the most basic reason that our cooperation was renewed.

I found a very good atmosphere in this team, I matched very quickly not only with Mr. Hatzopoulos, but with all the people who work in the PAOK organization and that was very important “.

The cooperation has a horizon of three years, but for the coach of PAOK what is important today and as he emphasizes characteristically:

“In the first phase, what concerns me is Saturday’s game with Ionikos. From there on, with calm and clear mind, when the time comes to organize the next season we will do it in the best possible way we can and with the conditions that exist at the given time. Whenever you are in a team that has a back world, past, titles, you have in the back of your mind the ambition to achieve things.

First of all, to be healthy and in the same right way that the team operates at the moment and enters into a regularity both organizationally and financially, in the same way to move forward in the future. And with that in mind, I think everything will go well. “



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