Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home World If BLK Turns Out to Create New Unemployment, Just Close It

If BLK Turns Out to Create New Unemployment, Just Close It – The Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, stated that it is better to close the job training center (BLK), if the presence of these facilities creates new unemployment.

Ida made this statement when appealing to the managers of vocational training centers (BLK) at the central and regional levels to be able to answer the needs of workers in the business world and the industrial world.

“If it turns out that BLK will give birth to new unemployed people, there is no need to build BLK Sofifi in North Maluku. Just close the BLK. What for if we do training, it will actually increase new unemployment,” said Ida at BLK Ternate, North Maluku Friday (5/3 / 2021).

The Ministry of Manpower continues to encourage BLK managers, especially BLK owned by local governments, so that training is carried out in accordance with the needs of the local industry and business world (DUDI), so that training alumni can be directly absorbed into the job market.

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According to Ida, North Maluku is one of the areas that is the hope for the development of the eastern part of Indonesia because it has a lot of resources that must be developed and will attract new investment which will eventually create new jobs.

“Come on, we collaborate, both the government and the private sector to prepare competent human resources! North Maluku’s human resources must be the host in their own region. This answers the challenge of our increasing unemployment. We cannot do mediocre work. We must be able to answer the needs. , challenges, and labor dynamics, “he said.

On this occasion, Ida also invited all BLK managers, including the Ternate BLK to carry out a transformation.

The BLK transformation was carried out in various ways, starting from institutional reform, redesigning training substances, revolutionizing human resources, revitalizing facilities and infrastructure, rebranding BLKs, and relationships.

So far, the Ministry of Manpower has compiled a number of vocational training policies to suit the emergence of business opportunities and new types of work in the pandemic era. Among them is the Triple Skilling policy, namely skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling for workers.

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Apart from that, the optimization of job-based apprenticeships was also carried out; improvement of soft skills; changes in curriculum and methods that focus on human digital online (using the blended training method); as well as collaboration with all stakeholders, especially industry players to create graduates who are in accordance with the needs of the job market.

Synergy and collaboration between BLK and stakeholders, he continued, especially from the business world and industry as users of labor is very important. Because with the synergy, it can be ascertained that the training graduates are in accordance with the needs of the industry and are more easily absorbed.

Ida further said that the business world as an absorber of labor has a big role in determining the competencies needed now and in the future so that the link and match process between education and the world of work can be created.

“In the end, the vocational training program will reduce training costs and investment in human resources for the industry, thus creating a mutually beneficial relationship between BLK and industry,” he said.



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