Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology IIDF invested in Unitourn mobile tournament platform

IIDF invested in Unitourn mobile tournament platform

The Internet Initiatives Development Fund invests in Unitourn, a mobile gaming platform. was informed about this by the IIDF press service.

IIDF invested in Unitourn mobile tournament platform

Natalia Dmitrieva

Unitourn adapts popular mobile games such as Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Garena Free Fire and hosts tournaments. After registering on the platform, participants can compete in these games and receive a cash prize.

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The results of the matches are analyzed by the CRM system, it displays the results to all participants, the defeat of the opponent brings the user a reward. The money is withdrawn to the card or electronic wallet of the winner.

The Unitourn platform was founded by Bogdan Klyagin, Andrey Mikheev and Yuri Bunin. The parties do not disclose the volume of investments. The startup will use the raised funds to develop the product and promote it on the European market. It is clarified that, unlike competitors, the authors of Unitourn plan to develop in various popular game genres, and the platform also focuses on the development of its own games and new tournament mechanics.

“In the gaming market, competitions are usually held only for e-sportsmen. Unitourn helps ordinary users of mobile games earn money by doing what they love. The mobile games market has been actively growing for the past six months and the Unitourn platform is launching its project at a very relevant time, ”said Alexey Grinenko, investment manager of IIDF.

According to the “2020 Global Games Market” report from Newzoo, the annual revenue of the mobile gaming market is $ 77 billion. Potential annual revenue of Unitourn on the horizon of 5 years may reach $ 140 million, the IIDF representatives said.

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