Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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In Daugavpils, 7 cases of last year’s grass fell per day were registered

Over the past day, starting at half past seven in the morning on March 29, the Latgale regional brigade of the State Border Guard Service has accepted 15 calls to extinguish the fire (including 10 fires, a forest burned once).

On March 29, at 15:30, information was received about a fire in the Aglona region: a two-storey garage (50 square meters), the roof of a residential building (10 square meters) and a starnik (150 square meters) were on fire. A man was injured in the fire, he received medical assistance. Employees took out two oxygen cylinders from the garage, and managed to save a residential building four meters away from the fire.

7 cases of grass fell were registered in Daugavpils, 2 – in Daugavpils region, one – in Ludza region. The most extensive fires of the elder had to be extinguished in Malinovskaya volost (8 hectares), as well as in Daugavpils – on the street. Druvu (5 ha), Kalku (4 ha), Blaumanya (2 ha).

At 19:30, it became known about a large fire in Demensky parish – dry grass and forest flooring with an area of ​​5,300 square meters burned there. meters. At 20:52 the fire was extinguished.

On March 30, at 01:05, firefighters rushed to the Kalkun parish of the Daugavpils region – in a one-story industrial building, firewood and garbage caught fire near the heating boiler. The combustion area was 2 sq. meter, it was liquidated at 01:46.

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