Saturday, April 10, 2021
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In the case of smocks, the prosecutor asks for letters rogatory in Switzerland on the accounts of Fontana

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office today forwarded a rogatory letter to the Swiss authorities to “complete the documentation attached to the request for voluntary disclosure” presented “by Attilio Fontana”, president of Lombardy, to “investigate some financial movements”. This was announced by the prosecutor Francesco Greco, clarifying that the governor’s defense “today declared itself available to provide any clarification” even with the production of documents or “spontaneous presentation of the client”. At the heart of the tranche of investigation that emerged with the ‘gowns’ case are the 5.3 million euros on a Swiss account.

The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, the press release reads, “today, forwarded a request for a rogatorial commission to the competent Swiss Authorities in order to complete the documentation attached to the voluntary disclosure request presented by Attilio Fontana, having recognized the need to investigate some financial movements “. The defense of Fontana, explains Greco, who this morning met in his office with the lawyers of the Lombard governor, the lawyers Jacopo Pensa and Federico Papa, “today declared itself available to provide any clarification both in the rogatorial office and, if necessary, through documentary production or spontaneous presentation of the assisted “.

Fontana in the investigation into the so-called ‘smock case’, coordinated by the adjunct Maurizio Romanelli and prosecutors Furno, Scalas and Filippini, is being investigated for fraud in public supplies. Investigation that focuses on the direct assignment, without tender, on April 16, 2020 of a supply of 75 thousand coats and other anti-Covid PPE for over half a million euros to Dama spa, a company of Andrea Dini, brother-in-law of the Governor, in which Roberta Dini, Fontana’s wife, holds a share. Also under investigation Andrea Dini and the former CEO of Aria, regional purchasing center, Filippo Bongiovanni (for fraud in public supplies and a hypothesis of disturbance) and an executive of Aria.

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According to the prosecutors, in order to try to compensate his brother-in-law for lost revenues, after the supply was transformed into a donation in May when the conflict of interest emerged, Fontana tried to pay him 250 thousand euros from his account in Switzerland. An operation that ended, however, in the sights of the Bank of Italy’s anti-money laundering as suspicious and then reported to the Gdf and the Milanese prosecutor’s office. Hence the investigations of the prosecutors in the second and parallel investigation tranche, also through the Revenue Agency, and now the initiation of a letter of letters in Switzerland, where Fontana holds 5.3 million euros on an account. A sum ‘shielded’ in 2015, with voluntary disclosure, and coming from accounts associated with two trusts in the Bahamas created by the governor’s mother. Fontana has always reiterated that it is money bequeathed by his mother.



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