Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Breaking News In the Irkutsk colony, prisoners staged a protest self-mutilation

In the Irkutsk colony, prisoners staged a protest self-mutilation

Six inmates of IK-14 in the Irkutsk Region inflicted injuries on themselves in protest against the use of violence by those who cooperate with the administration of the colony. The FSIN confirmed the incident, but claim that they only used the “bend of the hand”.

As reported by “Taiga.info”, human rights activists from the Gulagu.net project reported that two prisoners in the colony were beaten by the so-called “pressmen”. After that, they themselves and several other convicts inflicted damage on themselves.

The GUFSIN in the Irkutsk region, commenting on the information, called the incident “blackmail”. “On March 30, 2021, in IK-14, after a walk, two convicts, who are persistent violators of the regime and held in a cell-type room, refused to obey the lawful demands of the employees and leave the exercise yard; After a mandatory medical examination, the convicts were found to have scratches that they had inflicted with a piece of metal wire. The blackmailing actions were supported by four more convicts, they also had scratches, ”the head office said.

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