Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home World In the lens of two drug trafficking circuits in Kalymnos

In the lens of two drug trafficking circuits in Kalymnos

Two independent circuits that were systematically active in the organized trafficking of cocaine and cannabis in Kalymnos, were dismantled by the police of the island.

In the framework of a coordinated police operation, in Kalymnos and Attica, 8 leading members-nuclei of the criminal groups were arrested, while the case file that was formed includes a total of 29 people.

Those involved are charged with, as the case may be, the offenses of directing-participating in a criminal organization, supply-possession-trafficking in drugs, violation of residence restrictions and possession of firearms.

115.6 g were confiscated. cannabis, quantities of heroin and chemical composition unknown, 8 vehicles, 4 knives, 16 mobile phones, drug sharing equipment, precision scales, 2,200 euros etc.

To end the criminal activity of the two circuits and arrest their members, it was planned by the Kalymnos Police Department and a successfully coordinated and simultaneous police operation in areas of Kalymnos and Attica was successfully implemented.

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The police operation was carried out with the assistance of the Drug Prosecution Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate, the OPKE of the Kos Security Department and the participation of a specially trained police dog to detect drugs of the 2nd Dodecanese Police Directorate.

As it turned out, the members of the two circuits had developed a large distribution network, with parallel action dating back to at least December 2020, were hierarchically structured and organized into subgroups with a separate mission, targeting a specific “clientele” using private vehicles (cars and motorcycles). ), as well as coded terminology for their transactions.

At the time of the investigation, the two circuits made 400 drug deals, trafficking more than 4.3 kilos of cannabis and 100 grams of cocaine, earning more than 68,000 euros.

The arrested are taken to the Prosecutor’s Office of Kos.



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