Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Business Introducing products with both taste and health in the food industry

Introducing products with both taste and health in the food industry

The food industry is launching a variety of products that can be enjoyed while taking care of health. Especially in these days when health care is concerned, many consumers are looking for products with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

Breaking the prejudice that food using healthy ingredients is relatively less tasty, we introduce products that can be enjoyed more delicious and healthier.

Domino’s pizza leader in the world’s’Super Seed Containing Dough’ is made with domestic black rice and 6 kinds of super seeds, and is consistently loved by customers for its savory and healthy taste.

The black rice in the dough containing Super Seed is 100% domestic grain, and contains anthocyanin, which is known to be effective in antioxidants and anti-cancer, and inorganic salts such as iron and zinc, neutralizing free radicals in the body that cause aging to prevent heart disease, stroke, and adult diseases. do.

In addition, it contains 6 kinds of super seeds that the world pays attention to: flaxseed and quinoa, which are good for growing children and adolescents, chick peas and oats, which are useful when dieting because of high satiety, hemp seeds, which are good for preventing vascular disease, and lentils It is a characteristic feature of the dough containing superseed dough.

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The dough containing Super Seed is not only healthy, but also allows you to enjoy the flavor of pizza with a savory taste and chewy texture that spreads throughout your mouth as you chew.

Global sandwich brand’Subway’ is introducing’Roast Chicken Collection’ in the spring season. It is a menu that allows you to enjoy a light and healthy meal without the burden of calories using lightly grilled chicken patties.

It consists of 3 types of sandwiches such as’Roast Chicken,”Roast Chicken Bacon,”Roast Chicken Avocado,’ and’Roast Chicken Salad’.

The roast chicken sandwich is particularly popular in the 20s and 30s as a weight and health care diet. Chicken breasts, which are rich in protein, are the main ingredient, and chicken patties with reduced sodium content are used. Thanks to the thick chicken patty, you can enjoy the satisfaction that fills your mouth without worrying about calories. Vegetables such as lettuce, onions, and green peppers provide crisp freshness.

The roast chicken bacon sandwich is a menu with two more crispy grilled bacon, and the roast chicken avocado sandwich is a healthy menu with a scoop of soft avocado puree. These are the menus that allow you to enjoy the roast chicken sandwich even more abundantly.

Roast chicken salad is suitable for lightly enjoying roast chicken. Excluding the sauce and cheese, the calories are only 150k㎈. If you add olive oil sauce, you can enjoy it more savory and lighter.

SPC Samlip has renewed the’Ball Salad’, a representative product of the salad brand’Pig in the Garden’.

‘Pig in the Garden Ball Salad’ is a product that contains the know-how of Pig in the Garden, a fine casual salad specialty store operated by SPC Group, so that it can be conveniently purchased at convenience stores, discount stores, and online.

This’Pig in the Garden Ball Salad’ has renewed three types of calories, toppings, and dressings based on the concept of’triple balance’ as the healthy diet trend continues.

It maintains the existing low calorie, balances rich toppings and vegetables, and provides collagen dressing for health. Ball salad products include’Shrimp Egg Ball’ with shrimp, egg and couscous,’Sweet Potato Chicken Cobb Ball’ with toppings such as strong sweet potato and chicken breast, and’Grill Chicken Almond Ball’ with a light taste of chicken breast and corn. , “Bulgogi Noodle Bowl” with sweet bulgogi and rice noodles, and “Roast Beef Bowl” with roast beef and green beans.

An industry official said, “If customers are interested in health, we are introducing products that can be enjoyed healthily while maintaining delicious taste. We will continue to do our best to provide customers with food using healthy ingredients so that they can enjoy a comfortable meal.” said.

Reporter Kim Hyun-joo [email protected]

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