Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Home World Iran urges US to abandon "all sanctions" to negotiate nuclear deal

Iran urges US to abandon “all sanctions” to negotiate nuclear deal

Iran indicated on Tuesday that it depends on stopping production of enriched uranium at 20% from the end of “all sanctions” in the United States in response to a possible proposal by Washington to resume talks on nuclear energy.

“The enrichment [de urânio] 20% is in accordance with Article 36 of the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (official name of the 2015 international agreement) and only [pode conhecer um fim] if the United States lift all sanctions, “an Iranian senior official said anonymously to state television in Tehran Press TV, in English.

The source stressed that the US Administration is “wasting time” and if it does not eliminate sanctions quickly, Tehran will adopt new measures that could be “a further reduction of the nuclear pact commitments”.

Iran’s mission to the United Nations also commented on the possible proposal by Washington that was put forward by the American magazine Politico, but without giving details about the enrichment of uranium.

“No proposal is required for the United States to join the JCPOA (acronyms in English from the 2015 nuclear pact). For this, it only takes a political decision by the United States to fully and immediately implement all the obligations contained in the agreement” , said the Iranian representation to the UN through a message broadcast on the social network Twitter.

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The mission also indicated that Washington must comply with UN Security Council resolution 2231 by adding that Iran is in contact with the remaining members of the nuclear agreement.

The JCPOA was signed between Iran and six major powers – the United States, Russia, the People’s Republic of China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany) but Washington withdrew unilaterally during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Biden has already expressed willingness to return to the agreement but with conditions.

According to Politico magazine, the United States intends to present a proposal for negotiations this week.

Iran started producing uranium (20%) last January, in breach of the pact, which stipulates a maximum purity of up to 3.67% and is also using advanced centrifuges when JCPOA only allows first generation equipment.



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