Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Is Denise Pipitone in Russia? ‘Who saw it’ goes back to the case. Mom: “I look Dna”

Could Denise Pipitone be the girl who made an appeal on Russian television, saying she was kidnapped when she was little? Federica Sciarelli will talk about it during the new episode of Who has seen? which, broadcast tonight on Rai Tre, will show the message of the young woman and will return to the case of the child who disappeared in 2004 in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily.

“It would be too good, a huge gift”, says Sciarelli when asked by ANSA. “I’ll tell you how it went. The report was born almost by chance, from one of our viewers who reported that in Moscow there is a young woman who is the same age as Denise and who looks very much like Piera Maggio, the mother of the little girl who disappeared 17 years ago. Perhaps it is a suggestion due to the similarity, but the young woman is the same age that Denise would be today ”.

But why could it be Denise? “We are with our feet on the ground, we do not want to give any certainty, also because Piera has seen and been through a lot in recent years – Sciarelli is keen to specify -. There are temporal coincidences and also a similarity between the young woman and Piera. The ‘Russian’ child was found in a field in 2005 – he explains again – and not knowing who her real mother is, she went to a Russian TV show to show her face and in turn launch an appeal to the real family. Now all the checks must be made: you need to have patience and be scrupulous “.

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“We await the examination of the DNA and we are hopeful”: this is said by Piera Maggio, Denise Pipitone’s mother, through her lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta, heard by ANSA. The lawyer and Ms. Maggio are waiting to leave for Russia, having completed the authorization process by the Russian Foreign Ministry to allow him to enter the country, in compliance with the regulations for the pandemic. In recent years there have been many alleged sightings of Denise, but unfortunately without positive results.



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